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Before addons like WeakAuras, there was PolMonitor, the birthmother of button monitoring!

PolMonitor can create groups of buttons which allow monitoring of buffs, target debuffs, item cooldowns, totems, and much more. These buttons have the ability to use DogTags to build logic into when the buttons are active, what information is displayed on them, etc. Masque can be used to skin them and there are also options to move them, lock them, set their transparency level, etc. You can also do things like scale them to up to 1000% of the size, invert them so they are inactive when they are "active", fade them out with a configurable transparency when no mana, out of range, and more!

Button groups can also be shown or hidden when you in are or out of combat, always hidden, only when you have hostile targets, etc. Everything is built around monitoring not only buffs and debuffs, but the state of combat and what you are targeting.


Use /pm or /polmonitor to access the configuration.



- Renew button to show the time left of your renew HoT on your current target.

- Healthstone button that lights up only when you are less than a certain percentage of health.

- Agony, Corruption, and all other Warlock dot buttons to show when your DoTs will expire on the target

- Monitors/bars that only appear on your screen when you are in combat or you target a hostile target.