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PoisonCharges is a simple Add-On for rogues playing WoW Vanilla. It allows you to track remaining time and amount of charges of poisons applied to your weapons, and also gives you easy way to apply them.



- Track remaining time and amount of charges of your poisons;

- Apply poisons with one click;

- Manage which poison should be applied to which weapon.



Q: How do I open configuration menu?

A: There is a button on minimap. You can also move it by holding right mouse button.


Q: How can I disable visibility of frames?

A: You can either press Toggle button in configuration menu or use slash command /poisoncharges (/pc).


Q: Can I move frames to other position?

A: Sorry, but you can't. However, they're already placed in a comfortable position.


Slash commands

/poisoncharges/pc - toggles frames visibility on and off.

/poisonchargesinfo/pci - print addon' info to chat.


Feature Requests / Bug Tracker

You can freely send all your requests here in comments. As for bugs, be sure to open issue at GitHub if you found any.


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