PlayerMadeQuests (PMQ)

2,970 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.13.7


Create and share your own custom quests in World of Warcraft: Classic!


  • Write out your own custom quest with just a few lines of YAML script
  • Demo Quests - short quests provided with the addon to help you learn how to write your own
  • Real-time Objective Tracking - plays just like a World of Warcraft quest
  • Quest Sharing - share your quest with party members with the click of a button*
  • Highly Customizable - any and all quest text to tell the story (or joke) you want to tell
  • Quest Replay - you can replay any quests that you've finished previously

*Party members must also have PMQ installed in order to receive shared quests

Upcoming plans for PMQ

  • Quest Chains - link multiple quests together to form a larger story
  • More Objectives - involving items, auras, merchants, and more
  • Localization - share quests reliably between different-language game clients
  • Quest Development Tools - tools to track coordinates, NPCs, etc. that you want to put in your quests
  • Quest Builder UI - build your quest with a friendlier user interface instead of writing script

Want to give us feedback during the Beta test? Join us on Discord.


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