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PhoenixStyle is a famous WoW addon that tracks many fails, and other useful and interesting information on boss fights and has some interesting thing for raid leaders since 2009!
Just install it and check /ps - "All saved info" after your raid to understand what it tracks... you will like it ;)

/ps or /phoenix - open menu (announce are enabled by default, you need promote for this, it has antispam function, only 1 addon will report it to the same chat)


some chat commands:
/ps wipe (or "wipe" in chat) will consider current fight as a wipe and report current fails in combat
/ps break n (will start a break timer bar for N min for everyone in a raid in their bossmods)
/ps pull n (will start a pull timer bar for N sec in all bossmods for all raid members and announce it into raid_warning chat)
/ps timer name n (will start a timer called "name" for "N" sec in all bossmods)

What it can:

  • autoupdate marks on raid members that you don't want to lose in the combat by one of BossMods (you can set more than 1 nick for each mark!)
  • report important fails (failbot) or useful information on boss encounters such as who stand in fire, damage done to some mobs, all info about casts' kicks etc (all reports are easy to config)
  • save that information, so you can see it after fight and make a little report about your raid
  • easy way to start a timer bar for all raid members (in all BossMods)
  • death report: much better than Fatality, reports information about the last hit a person took before he die, counts Cauterize and other not standart death.
  • find spell link by name or ID and read it's description without tab in wowhead
  • Autoinvite players to your raid by wisp, by guild invite. Disband and reinvite in 1 click, autoset Master Looter and other useful things
  • Check versions of all boss mods in the raid and notify players with out of date addons (can be downloaded separately here)
  • potions check used in combat (and prepots), healthstone`s check, flask and food check (need to install RaidSlackCheck addon (RSC))
  • buffs check after rebirth in combat (need to install RaidSlackCheck addon (RSC))
  • achievement's fail announce (need to install RaidAchievement RA addon)
  • available achievements in current/choosen zone (very useful not only for Cata) or from current target (need to install RaidAchievement RA addon)
  • boss' shields monitoring frame (need to install Boss_shieldsmonitor addon)
  • announce in say/yell chat phrases of important events (just enable SayAnnouncer module)
  • managment of say/yell phrases of all raiders for important events (raiders have to install SayAnnouncer addon)

Cataclysm or Pandaria module can be downloaded from curse.com site.

If you want to copy this addon on your site or post the spotlight - please, use next links:
http://www.phoenixstyle.com/go.php?file=PhoenixStyle_last.zip - always returns last version
http://www.phoenixstyle.com/features.php - addon's description


We have also a lot of travel websites, if you plan to organize some vacation, visit a new place, just open addon's menu and contact us for more information, we will be happy to help you for free :)