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Pet Battle Scripts


🐉 Battle Pet Combat Scripting🐉

  • Write scripts to automate pet battles
  • Assign scripts to pet teams
  • Full Rematch integration
  • Export and share scripts

This addon is a fork of the popular, but now abandoned, tdbattlePetScript addon.

Getting Started

It is always a good idea to backup your WTF folder before replacing an addon to ensure no data is lost!
If you already have tdBattlePetScript and tdBattlePetScript_Rematch installed, remove them both.

⚠️ Do not remove any saved variables otherwise this will also wipe your scripts.

Then download & install the addon from either:

This addon takes the same name (tdBattlePetScript) under the hood so you should never have to transfer scripts over manually!

Documentation & Support

Please see the wiki for full addon documentation. If there is a problem, please raise it here or contact Super#0100 on Discord.