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Last Updated: May 15, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0


Aug 23, 2012

Owner: Endar_Ren

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This addon will let the user automatically play music from various Pokemon games during a pet battle. Just go into your Interface and look under addon PetBattlePokemonMusic. The first section there will let you set your music tracks for wild and trainer battles.

It also lets each user added their own sound files to the addon to make their own tracks to play. With that, you can use music from anywhere while you do pet battles. The section titles How to Get Your Own Sounds into WoW will tell you how to do that.

A small preview of this addon in action can be seen here: Made by racle90.


How to add sounds to the addon:

Playlist Tutorial:


  • Music tracks to automatically play during a wild pet battle.
  • Music tracks to automatically play during a trainer pet battle.
  • Add sounds to battle pet abilities.
  • Volume controls for music and sound played by the addon that are independent of the system's settings.


  • Red/Blue/Yellow Wild Battle.
  • Red/Blue/Yellow Trainer Battle.
  • Gold/Silver/Crystal Wild Battle.
  • Gold/Silver/Crystal Trainer Battle.
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Wild Battle.
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Trainer Battle.
  • FireRed/LeafGreen Wild Battle.
  • FireRed/LeafGreen Trainer Battle.

How to Get Your Own Sounds into WoW

To make your own sound files for World of Warcraft, you will need a software that can record sounds and save it as an *.ogg file. For this addon and MageGate, I used Audacity, which is a free sound recorder/editor software. I will base the directions on how you would do it on Audacity, so using another software will require you to do some research on your own for that software.

Before starting, make sure World of Warcraft is closed on the computer, even if you are not using Audacity.

Step 1: Open up Audacity.

Step 2: On the menu bar, go to Edit – Preferences. A window named “Audacity Preferences” will appear.

Step 3: On the left side, there is a list. You want to select “Devices”. That will show a panel on the right, with a sub panel labeled “Recording”. In that sub panel, one of the options in the Device drop down menu should record sound from your computer. In some cases, it is called “Rec. Playback”. Select that. If you cannot find that, look online for more information.

Step 4: Find the sound you want to record. It could be from a YouTube video or some other online source. Once you have it, get it to the beginning then hit the Record button on Audacity, then start it. Record until you get all of the sound. If the volume seems too low, you can delete that track and try again, this time increasing your computers volume.

Step 5: After you have all of the sound, you can cut off empty or unwanted parts by drag selecting them and hitting the backspace key. If you make a mistake, just hit ctrl-z to undo.

Step 6: Once the sound is ready to be made into a file, make note of the length of the sound in seconds. The more precise you have the length noted at, the better.

Step 7: For making the file you have two options: Export and Export Selection. Export will make a file using all of the sounds on all of the tracks in the current Audacity project. Export Selection will only use what you have selected.

The file type you want to use is “.ogg”. The reasons are that this format is smaller than an mp3 and it can be used for both music and sound effects.

Once the export is done, you do not have to save the Audacity project. Only save it if you might go back to try and make a better sound.

Step 8: If there are other sounds you want to get, repeat steps 1 to 7.

Step 9: Once you have all of the sounds you want made into files, go to the World of Warcraft directory on your computer. There, make a folder and name it something like “My Music”. Just remember the name of that folder. If you already have a folder inside the WoW directory that you made, you can use that instead.

Step 10: Move the sound files you made into the folder. When they are all in the folder, you can start World of Warcraft.

Step 11: When you are logged in, go to the Interface menu, then to Addons, then to Pet Battle Pokemon Mod.

There, you add each sound to the database one at a time. For each sound, you will need to give it a unique name, as well as the location of the sound file and the length in seconds.

Step 12: Once all the sounds are added, you can create a new track by going to the Create Custom Track section of Pet Battle Pokemon Mod. You will get a window that looks like this.

Custom Track Creation Window

Each track has to have a unique name to separate it from all other tracks. Each track has three sound parts: The Battle Opening Sound, the Battle Music, and the Victory Sound.

The Battle Opening Sound is the sound that is played only one time, when the battle begins. This sound will also delay the start of the next sound, the Battle Music. In the event that you set it to be longer than a fight lasts, it will be stopped at the end of the fight.

The Battle Music is the music that will be looped throughout the fight.

The Victory Sound is played when you win a pet battle.

To set any one of the sounds, go to the tree below the Save button and go into the section for the sound you want to set. Click on the sound and a button will appear to the right of the tree. Clicking that button will set the sound.

Once you have all the sounds set and a unique name, click the Save button. This will add your track to the list of custom tracks, if all of the information is set and correct. If not, a red message will appear and tell you what you got wrong.


Here are some of the places I found the sounds I used in my addon.


The template for making your own mods to this addon is up. Just go to the link below.

Special Thanks

To Nik of MMOChampionWoW for his video review on this and Wowkemon.


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