Personal Resource Display

19,515 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 12, 2022 Game Version: 5.4.8  

This addon mimics the retail feature named "Personal Resource Display".

It adds two simple bars slightly below the center of the screen, one for Health and one for the main resource.

Supporting Mana, Rage and Energy.

Thank you all for your interest in the addon and for all the suggestions/feedbacks! I will do my best to keep the project up-to-date. <3


Latest updates:

  • Updated for Classic TBC expansion.
  • Added a option to use the player class color for the health bar and percentage. Doing so will disable the dynamic bar color. Consequently, turning on the Dynamic bar color  will disable the aforementioned class color feature
  • Added a option to move the percentage text horizontally
  • Added a option to change the percentage text scale, separately from the bars scale
  • Added a option to display the Health and Resource as numeric value instead of percentage
  • Added a option to display the numeric Health and Resource in the format 'current/max'
  • Increased compatibility with the Retail in-game events, but still untested directly and unsure if it is enough to use the addon flawlessly in Shadowlands

Minor changes:

  • Updated the background interface to be more TBC themed
  • Replaced event UNIT_HEALTH with UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT to prevent delay in evaluating the values of the bars
  • Changed the Health and Mana percentage/value text colors to slightly lighter tints to increase text visibility when placed above the respective bars.
  • Increased the size of the "Reset" button which was unnecessarily small
  • Re-organized the interface settings table for easier usage
  • Certain sliders will now only be visible if the boxes of their respective features are checked
  • Minor code cleanup


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