Personal Loot Helper (PLH)

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Personal Loot Helper (PLH) simplifies trading of personal loot by notifying you when a drop is not an upgrade for the looter, but is an upgrade for you or others in your group!

What’s New

When a PLH user receives loot they can trade, PLH will give them the option to KEEP or OFFER TO GROUP.  If they choose KEEP, PLH will not notify anyone else that the item is tradeable.  If they choose OFFER TO GROUP, PLH will notify other PLH users who can equip the item that it is available.
Notified players can PASS or request the item for MAIN SPEC, OFF SPEC, or XMOG.  PLH does an internal /roll for each requestor and shows the looter each requestors’ reason for rolling, ilvl difference, and roll.  The looter can then choose to KEEP the item for themselves after all or TRADE it to one of the requestors.  Of course, the looter is not bound by the reasons, ilvl differences, or rolls when making their decision – that information is there to help them, but the ultimate decision is up to the looter!  The trade itself still has to happen manually via the Trade window, but everything else – the notification, the requests, the rolls, the decision to keep or trade the item, and the decision of who to trade the item to – happens within PLH!
While the looter can see all requestors and their reasons & rolls, the rest of the group cannot!  After the looter has decided whether to KEEP or TRADE the item, the "winning" requestor will be told to open trade, but the declined requestors will only be shown that the item is no longer available – they will not know whether the looter kept the item or gave it to someone else.  This should minimize social pressure from people badgering looters or badgering people to whom loot is gifted.
Hopefully you can see how this will be a big time saver for groups – if everyone has PLH installed, the entire group can manage loot sharing without bothering with whispers, /rolls, comparing ilvls, clarifying who needs for main spec vs. off spec, etc.!!
I recognize that not everyone your group with will have PLH installed, so I also added the often-requested feature to whisper looters.  If the looter does not have PLH installed, you will see a WHISPER button instead of MS/OS/XMOG buttons.  PLH will only allow you to whisper the looter once per item (of course you could manually whisper them multiple times, but don’t do that!).
I’ve added several new configuration options as well (such as automatically skipping confirmations, broadening what is shown based on ilvl, or customizing the whisper message).  You can see the options by doing “/plh”.


About the Author

Madone-Zul'Jin has been playing WoW since 2007. He started on Staghelm, but moved to Zul'Jin in 2008 along with the rest of the Horizon guild. Personal Loot Helper is the first addon that Madone has created!

Special Note

Thank you to all of the players who trade loot to others who can use it! Your generosity is part of what makes the WoW community great. You rock!!!