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Peddler (Junk seller)

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One who travels about selling wares for a living.


Peddler simply allows you to flag items that you plan to sell, automatically selling them later when you interact with a vendor. It automatically flags grey items you loot to be sold, but you're free to un-flag them.

While going back to complete low-level quests with regards to getting a few quest achievements, I found my bags full of green quest rewards that I would try to sell whenever I could. However, after leaving a vendor I would notice that I'd missed one or two items; I made this addon so that I could immediately mark the newly received items without having to scour my bags for them later on!


CTRL+Right-click on an item in your inventory and it will be flagged for peddling at your next trip to a vendor! A small set of coins appears in the item's icon to highlight that it will be automatically sold.


/peddler displays the interface's options:

Modifier Key - allows the user to change the marking modifier from the CTRL-key.

Sell Limit - toggles whether or not Peddler should sell items in sets of 12, allowing the user to buyback any mistakenly marked items.

Silent Mode - toggles whether or not Peddler will print anything to the chat-log when selling items.