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PeaversUI is a comprehensive World of Warcraft addon designed to streamline your UI by automatically applying pre-configured settings to a variety of popular addons. This ensures a consistent and optimized UI across all your characters. PeaversUI is perfect for players who want to avoid the hassle of manually configuring their UI every time they create a new character or reinstall their game.

Addon Profiles

  • Bartender4
  • Cell
  • Details! Damage Meter
  • LS Glass
  • OmniCD
  • Plater
  • SexyMap
  • TipTac
  • Titan Panel

Preset Talents

  • Best talent choices for Mythic+ and Raiding based on popular websites recommendations.
  • Includes specific information about how popular a talent choice, as well as the maximum DPS/HPS output.
  • All classes and spec talent combinations.
  • Database of best specs is updated daily.

Preset WeakAuras

  • Easy install of all the awesome WeakAuras from luxthos
  • Other miscellaneous WeakAuras which are helpful to have

Recommended to install each of the addons above, then run PeaversUI to set profiles for each one.

How to Use

  1. Install the Addon
  2. Load the Addon: Ensure PeaversUI is enabled in your addons list.
  3. Apply: Use the slash command /peaversui to open the settings.