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Version 2.4.18

  • Russian WoW Classic: You should no longer see a warning about addon incompatibility when logging in.

Version 2.4.17

  • Added ArkInventory integration, contributed by a Pawn fan named Matthew. (Well, I don't know if he said he's a fan. I'm assuming here.)
    • When you have ArkInventory and ArkInventoryRules enabled, you can use the pawnupgrade() rule in ArkInventory to run a Pawn comparison on items in your inventory for sorting. This will return true if the item is an upgrade and false if it is indeterminate or not an upgrade. To determine if something is not an upgrade, use pawnnotupgrade(). This rule will return true if the item is definitely not an upgrade, and false if it is indeterminate or an upgrade. This can be used for auto-sell rules, such as bind(3) and pawnnotupgrade().

Version 2.4.16

  • Shadowlands: Pawn will now suggest the +16 stat jewel clusters instead of +12 stat gems for items level 175 and higher.

Version 2.4.15

  • Shadowlands: Updated stat weights for Guardian Druid based on a new simulation from Ask Mr. Robot.

Version 2.4.14

  • Spanish, Shadowlands only: Fixed a problem where off-hand frill items were being misidentified as off-hand weapons, so they didn't show upgrades or values for casters. (This problem didn't apply to Classic or to other languages.)
  • Spanish, Spain only, Classic only: Fixed a problem where an error message appeared when logging in.
  • Spanish: Fixed detection of Avoidance and Block Value on some items in certain situations.

Version 2.4.13

  • Shadowlands: I've included a new set of stat weights from Ask Mr. Robot yet again—the most notable changes will be for healers, who will see the value of mastery increased significantly.
  • Improved a few bits of the Italian translation.

Version 2.4.12

  • Shadowlands: Pawn 2.4.11 included the wrong set of stat weights; this version includes the stat weights that were intended to come with 2.4.11. Apologies for the error!

Version 2.4.11

  • Shadowlands: Pawn now includes new default stat weights for all classes and specs from Ask Mr. Robot, optimized for typical characters in Mythic Keystone dungeons. These should give you much better gearing advice than the previous defaults, but remember that you'll always get the most accurate advice for your character if you import stat weights from your favorite simulator (like Ask Mr. Robot).
  • Pawn's "compare item left" and "compare item right" keybinds work with world quest item rewards once again.

Version 2.4.10

  • Worked around a bug in WoW that was causing Pawn to show incorrect upgrade information for some Shadowlands quest rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking links in chat and then right-clicking the window that appeared would open Pawn's Compare tab even if it was for something that wasn't an item, such as an achievement.

Version 2.4.9

  • Added Pawn annotations for tooltips of item rewards in the Great Vault. (I think. Thanks Crazy Carl!)

Version 2.4.8

  • Pawn can now recover and continue working if another addon changes any of the class colors and does so incorrectly.

Version 2.4.7

  • Changed the graphics in the Pawn UI to look more Maw-like.
  • WoW Classic: In German, mail armor is now properly detected again after the Naxxramas patch.

Version 2.4.6

  • Pawn will no longer appear as "out of date" after updating to WoW 9.0.2.

Version 2.4.5

  • WoW Classic: In Russian, shadow spell damage is now properly recognized on items. (This problem didn't affect other schools of magic or other languages.)

Version 2.4.4

  • Pawn's bag icons should now cooperate with Can I Mog It?'s bag icons again. Special thanks to the author of that addon, who inspired a much simpler solution that what I had come up with.

Version 2.4.3

  • Pawn now has a more complete set of gem recommendations, including new gems from the Shadowlands. For example, for resto shamans on an ilvl 100 item, Pawn will suggest five different +4 crit gems from different expansions, so you can buy the one that's cheapest.
    • This is just new recommendations, not a new feature—there still isn't a way to further customize gem quality levels to your exact tastes, but that's still on the to-do list.
  • Pawn was a little overzealous in resetting data that might have been affected by the level squish, so I've changed the way it works to be less annoying for people who have a lot of alts.

Version 2.4.2

  • Pawn's bag arrows integration will no longer work by default with custom bag addons.
    • The game no longer allows customizing that functionality while in combat, so before this change, Pawn's bag arrow integration caused errors while performing certain actions in combat, such as swapping weapons from the character sheet. Disabling support for custom bag addons is unfortunately the only way I can work around this.
    • To work around this, custom bag addons that call IsContainerItemAnUpgrade directly can use PawnIsContainerItemAnUpgrade when available instead, falling back to IsContainerItemAnUpgrade if it's nil. Then Pawn will control the bag arrows like it did before.
  • Pawn will now show two-handed weapons as potential upgrades for two-handed Frost Death Knights. If you're all about the dual-wielding life and want to turn this back off, you can go to Pawn's Values tab, select "Axe: 2H" (or any other 2H type) under "Weapon types", and then select "Don't show upgrades for 2H items."
  • You should no longer see a warning message about addon compatibility when playing on Russian WoW 9.0.

Version 2.4.1

  • WoW Classic: Hopefully fixed an error that occurred when turning in a quest.

Version 2.4

  • Welcome to WoW 9.0 and the level squish! Pawn had to wipe its memory of everything it knew about your characters before the squish since none of that information is correct anymore, so for a little while it might show you upgrades that aren't actually upgrades until it learns about your sweet epics. This shouldn't last long, and will automatically resolve itself as you play.
    • This version is meant for WoW 9.0 (Shadowlands pre-patch) and WoW Classic only.
  • Pawn should give reasonable gem recommendations and calculations in this version, but I'll continue to refine them in the coming days to give more helpful suggestions at lower levels.
  • Default stat weights have not been updated. Players participating in high-level raiding may want to import custom weights from a simulator instead of using the built-in guidance.
  • The Corruption stat has been removed, since it no longer has any effect on your character and appears greyed out.
  • Fixed a problem where if a quest gave you a useful item and a junk item (such as a gray artifact power item from Legion), Pawn would sometimes fail to show upgrade arrows on the non-junk item.

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