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Version 2.3.29

  • One-handed maces and daggers will no longer incorrectly appear as potential upgrades for demon hunters, since they cannot equip them.

Version 2.3.28

  • I rearranged the Values tab, making the stat list wider, to make it easier to use in languages where some stat names are very long like "Puissance d'attaque en changeforme."
  • Various minor updates to the sizes of things in the UI to make Pawn more pleasant to use in a variety of languages.
  • Lots more updates to the French translation.

Version 2.3.27

  • Significant updates to the French translation, courtesy of CerealCH.

Version 2.3.26

  • Fixed a rare error that could occur when looking at very unusual rings.
  • Pawn is now compatible with a slightly wider array of item tooltip comparison addons.
  • WoW Classic: Fixed a problem where spell damage on some items in French wasn't being recognized.  (Other languages weren't affected.)

Version 2.3.25

  • Fixed a problem where if scale values on tooltips were enabled, and you had a trinket with no stats (such as Pocket-Sized Computation Device or most trinkets in WoW Classic), Pawn wouldn't show the total score of all of the items you're wearing when hovering over the Pawn button on the character sheet.
  • Fixed a problem where Leech (Parasitar / Robo de vida) was not recognized on items in either Spanish version of WoW.
  • WoW Classic: Fixed multiple problems reading numbers when playing in French introduced by the latest patch for WoW Classic.  (Battle for Azeroth isn't affected.)

Version 2.3.24

  • WoW Classic: Fixed a problem where Pawn would cause an error when using the "Track for each scale (advanced)" option because it would try to scan your equipment sets, which don't exist on Classic.

Version 2.3.23

  • Battle for Azeroth: Pawn now works in the new(-ish) 8.3.0 auction house.
    • Important: Items with random stats ("of the _____") will be undervalued on the main auction house browsing page, and will be unlikely to appear as upgrades.  When you click the item name to see all of the individual auctions for that item, those items will get accurate rankings from Pawn.  (This is because the game groups multiple similar items with varying stats together on the initial screen, but the items listed on the second screen have exact stats that Pawn can evaluate.)

Version 2.3.22

  • WoW Classic: Fixed a lot of additional problems with the European Spanish version of WoW Classic.  (Latin American Spanish and Battle for Azeroth weren't affected.)

Version 2.3.21

  • WoW Classic: Fixed a problem where Pawn couldn't read damage on weapons in the European Spanish version of WoW Classic.  (Latin American Spanish and Battle for Azeroth weren't affected.)
  • WoW Classic: Fixed a problem where Pawn couldn't read damage on wands in the Portuguese version of WoW Classic.
  • WoW Classic: Improved the Simplified Chinese translation.

Version 2.3.20

  • WoW Classic: Fixed an issue where the new Classic stat weights included with Pawn valued stats like crit chance as if they were the Burning Crusade-style ratings, not percentages, so all of the percentage-based stats were severely undervalued.  (This has no effect on you if you're using your own stat weights, or if you're playing Battle for Azeroth.)

Version 2.3.19

  • I worked around a bug in BankItems and other addons that use the old auction house that was causing Pawn to fail catastrophically.
  • Pawn will now work with even more complicated corrupted items than before ("didn't expect to find 11 bonus IDs").

Version 2.3.18

  • WoW Classic: Pawn now includes a full set of starter scales for each class and spec courtesy of HawsJon.  These stat weights were originally designed for use on The Burning Crusade, not Classic, but they're the best resource for Classic stat weights that I've found so far.
    • Druids have two scales for feral: DPS (cat) and tank (bear), since your preferred role will dictate which stats are most valuable.
    • Rogue off-hand weapons use different weights than other rogue gear, so there's a fourth scale for rogues that you should only use when comparing items for your off-hand slot.
  • Removed an error message that appeared when playing in Spain.

Version 2.3.17

  • Pawn can now handle more complicated items than before.  This fixes a problem where you could get an error like "didn't expect to find 9 bonus IDs" after looting a very complicated item.

Version 2.3.16

  • Updated German translation.

Version 2.3.15

  • WoW 8.3 PTR: Added support for the Corruption stat.  If you assign it a value, you probably want to assign it a negative value.
  • WoW 8.3 PTR: Fixed a problem where high-level weapons would cause errors when playing in French.

Version 2.3.14

  • WoW Classic: Scale tags can now specify a class like on retail.  When you import a scale that specifies a class, Pawn will now automatically mark all of the weapon and armor types that class can't equip as unusable just like it does on retail.  (Specs included in scale tags for Classic will be ignored.)
  • WoW Classic: For Korean players, wand damage should now be interpreted correctly and no longer produce an error message.
  • WoW Classic: Fixed a problem where the retail-only option to only use your class's preferred armor type after level 50 was still showing up on leather, mail, and plate armor.
  • Improved the "Items with this are unusable" text on the Weights tab in English.
  • Made a small tweak to the Pawn UI's tabs to help people who use custom fonts.

Version 2.3.13

  • Updated the Pawn logo.
  • Pawn dialogs that ask for scale names, and the delete scale confirmation dialog, have been returned to the more compact appearance that they had in version 2.3.10 and earlier.
  • WoW 8.3 PTR: Fixed a problem where Pawn would no longer load on the PTR.
  • WoW Classic: Ranged weapons are now properly supported.
  • Added a special surprise.

Version 2.3.12

  • When exporting Pawn scale tags, unusable stats will now appear simply as "Stat=X" instead of "Stat=-1000000".
  • WoW Classic: A basic starter scale for each class is now available.
    • The starter scales include default values for all stats relevant to the class, loosely based on the game's item level formula.  (They're very similar to the default stat weights that came with Pawn a decade ago.)
    • There is just one starter scale per class, so for example, the druid template has values for Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Spirit.
    • The appropriate starter scale will be automatically enabled when starting Pawn for the first time (if you don't already have any scales) so it does something.
    • I still highly recommend customizing the default values.
    • The "Template" button on the Scales tab is now available, and creates a new scale based on your class's starter scale.
  • WoW Classic: Pawn will now allow items that aren't your class's preferred armor type to be considered as upgrades after level 50, since non-cloth healers using cloth armor was commonplace and optimal in early WoW.  [Vger wistfully remembers her Crimson Felt Hat from Strat...]
    • The option that appears to enable this feature whenever you select an armor type on the Weights tab has been removed.
  • WoW Classic: The Manual button on the Scales tab is now visible, even though you can't switch to Automatic on Classic so the button is always selected.  (Other parts of the Pawn UI refer to "switching to Manual mode" and I didn't want to have to change them all.)

Version 2.3.11

  • WoW Classic: Now supports Korean and Traditional Chinese.  With that, Pawn now supports all WoW Classic languages!
  • WoW Classic: Fixes for frost spell damage in Simplified Chinese.
  • The Import and Export windows for scale tags are now larger and can be closed with the Esc key.
  • If you experience a problem with Pawn incorrectly finding the stats for an item, you can put that item into the Compare tab and then Alt+click it to see a full list of the item's stats and a command that can be used to see the same item on a different computer.  (You probably won't have a reason to use this unless I ask you to.)

Version 2.3.10

  • Additional updates to the Simplified Chinese translation.
  • WoW Classic: Now supports Russian, thanks to drcrazy777.

Version 2.3.9

  • Additional updates to the Simplified Chinese translation from wolfcon.

Version 2.3.8

  • WoW Classic: Now supports Portuguese.
  • WoW Classic: Now supports Simplified Chinese, thanks to wolfcon.
  • Some updates to the Russian translation, courtesy of drcrazy777.

Version 2.3.7

  • WoW Classic: Now supports Spanish and German.

Version 2.3.6

  • WoW Classic: the Compare tab will now refresh itself after a moment to make sure it has the latest stats from your items.

Version 2.3.5

  • /pawn compare can now compare two items at once: /pawn compare left 12345 right 67890
  • Fixed a bug introduced in Pawn 2.3.0 that made it impossible to import a scale with a class and spec specified the first time you tried.
  • Fixed problems with baguette damage in French WoW.

Version 2.3.4

  • WoW Classic: Now supports French in addition to English.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in WoW 8.2.5 where Pawn wouldn't recognize numbers 1,000 or larger in the Russian version of WoW—not the same one as for French and Spanish!

Version 2.3.3

  • Added a new Pawn slash command: /pawn compare.  You can use this as an alternate way to put items into Pawn's Compare UI.  For example, "/pawn compare left 16795" puts Arcanist's Crown into the left slot of Pawn's Compare tab.
    • The compare command accepts item IDs, "item:12345:0:0" strings, or full shift+clicked item links ("/pawn compare [Arcanist's Crown]").
    • If your PC hasn't downloaded the stats for an item yet, the command might not do anything the first time.  Try it again (Enter, Shift+Up, Enter) after a second and it should work the second time.
    • Addon authors can use "PawnUI_SetCompareItemAndShow(1, 16795)" to accomplish the same thing.  (1 for left, 2 for right.)
  • Fixed a problem where armor was being ignored in French WoW.
  • WoW Classic: Worked around a problem where Pawn would sometimes not see all of the stats on an item (typically, the "green stats").
    • This workaround will result in slightly lower performance on WoW Classic.  I'm still investigating a better long-term solution.
    • For the curious, it's because the game client would get a partial list of stats for the item, then Pawn would do its calculations on that, and then shortly afterward the game would get the rest of the stats for the item, but at that point Pawn didn't know that it needed to re-scan the item, so it was evaluating the item based on just the first batch of stats it got.
  • WoW Classic: Removed "All Resistances", which does not appear to exist on any items in Classic.
  • WoW Classic: Added support for "of Concentration" items.
  • Russian and Chinese: For consistency, Pawn's "debug" and "backup" slash commands are now always in English like they are for all other languages.

Version 2.3.2

  • Fixed a problem introduced in WoW 8.2.5 where Pawn wouldn't recognize numbers 1,000 or larger in the French and European Spanish versions of WoW.
  • I introduced a system that will make Pawn a little easier to translate in the future, and make it more resilient to changes in the way that non-English versions of WoW display numbers.
  • WoW Classic: Added support for ranged weapon DPS, "of Defense" items, and probably more stuff I forgot about.

Version 2.3.1

  • WoW Classic: Added support for "of Eluding" items.

Version 2.3

Consider this version a full release for Battle for Azeroth and a beta for WoW Classic.  WoW Classic is supported for English only in this version.  Pawn does not include any built-in scales for WoW Classic, so you'll need to create your own scales from scratch, or import them.  Not all Pawn features exist on WoW Classic, and some features are incomplete.

  • There are no new features for Battle for Azeroth in this version.  If you run into any issues on the live/retail realms, you can return to 2.2.x and shouldn't miss out on anything.
  • The "show item level upgrades" feature will default to OFF in Classic.  (But, if you've already used one of the earlier versions of Pawn on Classic, that option may already be on, so turn it off manually if you don't want it.)

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