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* fix bug with sticky crits in 6.0
* mark compatible with 6.0

* mark compatible with wow 5.4

* mark compatible with wow 5.3
* fix bug in raid-difficulty detection

* mark update for WoW 5.2

* fix configuration-menu not working correctly
* fix Friendly-check in UnitHealth and UnitPower triggerconditions

* add Monk as valid class
* add option to enable triggers only for specific specs
* color triggers in options according to whether they are active or not
* extract "Style"-tab for triggers
* add error-handling to color-text-field
* fix possible nil-error when 3rd party addons show messages way early
* fix taint-bug that could break the glyph-UI
* allow value 0 in aura-stack-count in triggers to fire on every stack gain
* fix "Ready, Set, Aim..."-Trigger
* added new default-triggers:
  + Warrior - Fury:
    - Bloodsurge
    - Raging Blow!
  + Deathknight - Unholy:
    - Sudden Doom
  + Mage - Arcane:
    - Arcane Missiles
  + Mage - Fire:
    - Pyroblast
    - Heating Up
  + Monk - Windwalker:
    - Combo Breaker
  + Paladin - Protection:
    - Grand Crusader
  + Shaman - Elemental:
    - Lava Surge
  + Warlock - Demonology:
    - Molten Core
  + Warlock - Destruction:
    - Backlash

* fix frost-trap-spell ids
* fix absorb-amount for Periodic damage
* update for patch 5.1.0

* update for patch 5.0.4
* localize environmental damage

* adapt new powertypes from MoP
* improve accuracy of loot-events
* also fire Miss-Triggers for other melee-misses
* fix missing missed-amounts

* [223] fix combat-events not being enabled properly

* fix filters for outgoing DoTs
* fix automatic renabling after login

* mark compatible with WoW 4.3
* play all sounds on master-channel
* increase max-value for filters to 100000 (from 1000)

* compatibility to WoW 4.2
* fix problem with user-settings that might be left behind after removing default-triggers

* compatibility to WoW 4.1

* fix bug in alternate power bars text
* extended options to hide full overheals (Hots/direct heals)
* make sucessful spellcast trigger working
* reduce minimum fontsize to 6 (down from 12)
* replace honor-gain-events by currency-gain-events

* properly display alternate powertypes (like Sound or Corruption)

* add "Cast started"-Trigger condition

* fix missing spell-ids
* remove no longer valid triggers
* round honor-gains to 3 digits
* fix trap-cooldown-grouping
* remove judgements from cooldown groups
* fix power-triggers for units with multiple power types
* do not forcefully disable blizzard fct on login

* fix triggers for Eclipse
* add new powertypes to options
* add new Triggers for:
    + Slam! (Warrior)
    + Blood Swarm (Deathknight)
    + Shadow Infusion (Deathknight)
    + Focus Fire (Hunter)
    + Ready, Set, Aim... (Hunter)
* fix Trigger Lock and Load

* fix possible nil-errors in Triggers

* make compatible with 4.0 (port cooldown-module and honor-notifications)

* fix lua-error when casting Shadow Word: Death

* fix icons showing in aura- and cooldowns-notifications
* prevent parrot from completely failing when spellIds are missing
    (this means, that parrot will kind of work when the patch hits US.
    The real 4.0-update will be pushed on when it hits EU)
* add option to shorten amounts and modifiers (like 26k)
* fix behaviour of the hide-realm-option

* slightly improve combatlog-parsing cpu-usage
* make sure triggers that are default-disabled stay enabled

* remove the aura-polling-hack
* fix bug that cause triggers to always go back to being sticky

* fix short text setting

* cleanup the default spellfilters

* spell-filters should start working without reloading the interface now

* add Triggers for "Fingers of Frost" and "Decimation"
* add option to color names by class (for party/raid members)
* only truncate the realm name from players
* add option to flash screen on triggers
* add secondary condition "Battle stance" to Overpower trigger
* add option to check the stackcount for "Buff active"-secondary Condition
* reorganize some options (i.e. move them to more proper category)

* add missile-barrage to default-triggers
* add item cooldown ready Trigger Condition
* fix bug with AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets embed

* really fix short throttle-texts not disabling properly for healing events (#136)
* fix error in embedding of AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets
* upgrade to LibDeformat-3.0 and get rid of Ace2 for good

* fix short throttle-texts not disabling properly for healing events (#136)
* add "ad-hoc-fix" to stop spamming of berserk-triggers
* fix possible error with SharedMediaWidgets-embed
* add default-trigger for Serendipity

* fire both Trigger-conditions (aura gain, and aura stack gain) when a stackable
        aura is gained. When a additional stack is gained (to a buff already
        present) only Aura stack gain fires.
* fix more possible memory-leaks
* add default-trigger for Warlock's "Molten Core"

* fix memory leak in the new Aura-Trigger-module

* add hack to make some broken Proc-triggers work again
* add option to shorten throttled text
* add functionality to throttle reputation-gains

* do not show outgoing heals to pets.
* bump toc to 30300 (for patch 3.3)

* make "disable in raid"-options for combat-events work with 3.2s heroic raids

* do not trigger soulshard-gain on every item created

* fix Soulshard gains

* fix "Own Aura"-field in buff-active-conditions
* use SharedMediaWidgets for Sounds and Master font settings
* set more default-values when creating a new trigger-condition
* make options use a bit less memory
* fix cooldown-module missing to report finshed cooldowns sometimes
* add config-mode-support (
* fix Pet-misses showing the tag in the text (like "Pet absorb [Amount]")

* Move to Ace3 (got rid of the rest of LibRock)
* major changes to the Trigger-System
  + TriggerCondition now support multiple arguments
  + Most TriggerConditions can be used more than once
  + simplified the List of built-in conditions
* add Primary Trigger Conditions:
  + Incoming damage
  + Outgoing damage
* add Secondary Trigger Conditions:
  + Item buff active
* use ingame-translations for damage-types
* Fix the double-combo-point-issue (Ticket #41)
* add support for CombatEvents:
  + Pet skill interrupts
  + Outgoing Siege damage
  + Pet buff gain/fade (disabled by default)
  + Pet debuff gain/fade (disabled by default)
  + Enemy buff gain/fade (disabled by default)
  + Enemy debuff gain/fade (disabled by default)
* optimize the Cooldown-module to use much less CPU-time
* continue showing events when dead
* Do not control Game Damage/Healing by default
* only schedule "Check for XX seconds"-timer when a Trigger is using it

* properly update scroll-area-choices when profile is changed

* fix locale-error

* Direction-choices in ScrollAreas-options now update properly

* remove Dependency of LibBabble-Class (and use built-in class-translations)
* add options for always hiding unit- and skill names (except Cooldowns)
* add secondary condition "Active talents"
* new Triggers' class-lists contain only one entry by default
    (the current player)

* add support for per-spell-filtering (by name or ID) (fixes Ticket #42)
* add support for per-spell-throttling
* add default-filters for Unleashed Rage, Ferocious Inspiration, and
    Abominable Might (fixes Ticket #16)
* Hide realm name in tags (fixes Ticket #83)
* allow spell-ids as parameters in aura-trigger-conditions
* add 2 triggers for Eclipse (Wrath and Starfire)
* add trigger for The Art of War
* add trigger for Kill shot
* add secondary conditions "Target minimum health" and "Target is player"
* add secondary condition "Lua function" to run custom lua-code for checks
* add more options for Cooldowns (treshold and filters)
* hide full overheals (but add option for making them visible again)
* show player's heals on pets only as incoming pet heal (Ticket #92)
* show correct icon when using "Wild Quiver" (Ticket #93)

* fix some issues with the Config when Ace3 is not installed seperatly

* fix new shared cooldowns of hunter traps
* remove windshock from shared cooldowns
* fix bugs in new ace-config (fixes Tickets #80 and #81)
* rewrite the db-import of default-triggers (uses a versioncheck now)
   This means default-triggers do not get recreated when deleting them.
* bugfixes in profile-switching
    profile-applying to submodules
    profile-copying and reseting

* use ace3 for config-stuff
* make profile-switching work again (by using AceDB-3.0)
    Note: The profile now defaults to your Character-profile instead of
    "Default". Try switching profiles to regain all saved settings.
* add Parrot to the Blizzard-Addon-Options
* add new Primary TriggerCondition: Successful Spell Cast (Ticket #65)
* add secondary Trigger Conditions (Minimum/Maximum Target Health Percent)
    (Ticket #55)
* add Dispel- and Spellsteal CombetEvents (Ticket #74)
* make Heals show properly in 3.2 (fixes Ticket #78)

* add support for throttling miss-events (avoids like parry, block, etc.)
* add "minimum power percent"-secondary trigger condition
* add secondary conditions for "in vehicle" and "mounted"

* make dot-crits show as sticky.
* fix optdeps.
* add Options to disable CombatEvents when in a raid-instance.
* add icon-override for mutilate.
* add support for AddonLoader (

* add Judgements to its own group, like shocks.
* remove blackout- and deathtrance-trigger from default-triggers.

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