papapancake's macro collection (GnomeSequencer Enhanced)

45,355 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5  

Required addon "" !!!

Collection of my self-made macros from

Classes supported:

Death Knight: All specs
Demon Hunter: All specs
Druid: Guardian,Balance
Hunter: MM,BM specs
Mage: All specs
Monk: Brew, WIP
Paladin: All specs
Priest: All specs
Rogue: All specs
Shaman: Elem,Enhance
Warlock: All specs
Warrior: All specs



Steps to install:

1. Install GnomeSequencer Enhanced

2. Install my addon

3. Run WoW and enable the addons

4. Log in to a character 

5. Press enter and do /gs

6. Go to options and plugins and Press GS-Papa

7. Exit Gnome sequencer and do /gs and find the macro 

8. Create icon and drag to your action bar


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