Pa'ku HUD

1,578 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 23, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Display an image of the flight path when mousing over a Pa'ku totem. The image can be clamped to a specific spot on screen or appear at mouse location. The tooltip will also update to show where the totem will take you.


This addon does not use any external libraries to minimize conflicts.


How to Use


The addon should work out of the box. There are several options to control sizing and location of the image window. This is in the normal addon configuration menu.


Slash Commands


/ph show - shows an overview of where all totems take you

/ph hide - does the opposite of above




1) Add icons on mini-map and world map of Pa'ku totem locations.

2) Clamp the image to stop it from displaying off screen (workaround: have image show in fixed location instead of mouse position)

3) Add localizations (I need your help for this)


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