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Outfitter (Wrath Classic & Classic Era)



About Outfitter - Classic


Outfitter - Classic is a direct port from the retail version. It has retail specific features stripped to allow it to run in classic. Some retail features are emulated and seem to work well enough to not tell the difference (report bugs if you find any)


Quote from retail version:

Outfitter is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits to optimize your abilities in PvE and PvP, automated equip and unequip for convenience doing a variety of activities, or to enhance role-playing.

Outfitter includes an icon bar for fast access to your outfits, a minimap menu for fast compact access, support for LibDataBroker, scripting with a library of pre-made scripts for most common tasks, item comparisons across outfits, and more.

Outfitter can also generate outfits for you, optimized for a specific combination of stats you specify or using Pawn weights (must have Pawn installed).


Please use the github page for issues and comments.