One Rune Bar

37,269 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 25, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

This addon is made for tracking Death Knights Runes, Runic Power, and the primary disease for each specialization. Each object being tracked is a submodule and can be easily disabled in the options menu.


The difference between this addon and other Rune tracking addons (I have found) is that this addon treat all runes as one Energy like bar that will always fill from left to right regardless of which rune is active.

  • /orb (or /orb) - This will unlock/lock the frames so you can move them and place them where you want them.
  • /orb config - Open the interface options menu


  • Added support for Battle for Azeroth
    • Not much changed like it did in legion. Just some Blizzard API changes that needed to be updated.


  • Replaced old graphical borders with a 1px line. The look should feel much cleaner now.
  • Removed scaling.  Now bar, border, and font sizes can all be changed to explicit values.
  • Fixed the move frame and bg of the bars not showing up.
  • Reworked tons of the config layout and placement.  It still isn't great.  Most people use Ace so I plan to, if already running, load Ace and use that to build the configuration panes.

v7.1.0 Added support for Legion patch 7.1

v7.0.3 Added support for Legion. A significant has changed for a Death Knight. There are no longer three types of runes, instead there is only one type. This makes Three Rune Bars inappropriately named. However, it is still very helpful! It now creates one bar for all runes and organizes them by their CD left.

v6.0.4 Added support for Necrotic Plague. The addon will check if you have that talent selected (and when you change specs) and show the appropriate disease bar.

v6.0.0 Support for Warlords of Draenor

v5.4 Support for version 5.4

v5.1.1 Added ability to change bar textures. This has an optional dependency on the shared media library in order to retrieve the optional bar textures. If you have some of the more popular addons that include this library, then you will have plenty of bar textures to choose. Find the drop down in the options menu.

v1.0.4 Added OOC Fading and Rune order configuration.

v1.0.3 Added a new module base to make it easier to create configuration panels for my modules. The addon now have three modules Runes, Runic Power and Diseases and they can all be scaled and Enabled/disabled separately.


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