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Filename OmniCC
Uploaded by tullamods
Uploaded Aug 17, 2019
Game Version 8.2.0
Size 76.59 KB
Downloads 731,238
MD5 986549b9438babbc0d88c02223bcf88d
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8.2.4 * Decreased CPU usage when using Shadowed Unit Frames (and probably other cases, too)

8.2.3 * Fixed charge cooldown priority

8.2.2 * Perform a ClearAllPoints before SetAllPoints to avoid restricted frame linkages.

8.2.1 * Add an optional force parameter to Cooldown:Refresh * Add tests for forbidden frames to the various finish effects * Update LibSharedMedia

8.2.0 * Updated TOC for 8.2.0 * Made cooldown object a bit more accessible by other addons. * Verified the addon works with no modifications in Classic

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