Objective Announcer

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Objective Announcer Is Compatible With Battle for Azeroth

Objective Announcer is a simple addon designed to help you automatically communicate quest status to other players.

Video Introduction & Tutorial:

Main Features

Many of Objective Announcer's cool features are disabled by default, so have a look through them all!

Announcement Types

  • Completed Quests: Only announce when a quest has been fully completed.
  • Objectives: Only announce when a quest objective has been completed.
  • Both Quests & Objectives: Announces completed objectives, with a special message when the entire quest has been completed.
  • Objective Progress: Announce each time an objective is progressed. Spam warning! ;)
  • Progress & Completed Quests: Announce each time an objective is progressed, with a special message when the entire quest has been completed.
Progress Bar Announcements

"Both Quests & Objectives" announcement mode will announce your progress for objectives that have a progress bar. Use the "Progress Bar % Interval" slider to set how often to announce. "Objective Progress" and "Progress & Completed Quests" modes will both announce every single time a progress bar quest is advanced.

Announcement Locations

Objective Announcer allows you to choose exactly which chat channels to send messages. This includes say, party, instance, raid, guild, officer, and any chat channel. When you are questing solo, you can enable self messages, which you can give any color or route to different locations with the "Self Outputs" tab in the options menu.

Announce Quest Rewards

If you want to let your friends know the awesome rewards you're getting as you complete quests, you can with Objective Announcer!  Fully customize which types of rewards you want to announce in the rewards options tab.

Out-of-Range Alerts

Enabling this allows you to automatically announce when you miss receiving credit for "kill" or "slay" objectives, or for bonus objectives that have a progress bar. Requires party members to have Objective Announcer v6.0.3 or higher.

Known issues:

  • It's difficult for an addon to know which objectives share credit between group members, so this feature is currently limited to objectives that have "killed" or "slain" in the objective text.
  • Quests that have progress bars are also supported, though false out of range messages may be sent if tasks that advance the bar are done in quick succession.
  • Certain situations may cause announcements to not send if your addon is not synchronized with your party member(s)' objective status, such as joining a group or reloading the UI when your party members have already accepted quests. A lack of sync will cause an OOR announcement not to send if you are out-of-range for the first time your party member(s) progress an objective. After they progress an objective once, your addon will regain sync for that objective.
  • Some quest objectives that involve killing do not share credit. Some of these quests involve killing things very rapidly. Chat spam can occur. Throttling OOR messages is on the to-do list.

Extra Information

Objective Announcer can add some extra information to your announcements, such as a click-able quest link, the intended level of the quest, or if it's a daily. Choose as many or as few as you want.

Extra Announcement Types

You can choose to send announcements for other situations, such as accepting, turning-in, and/or failing a quest. "Auto-accept escort/event quests" will accept any such quests you are offered, so you won't miss them. "Auto-Complete" sends a special announcement when a quest can be turned in remotely. It will also automatically open the window to turn in the quest. Use these announcements to help your dungeon members remember to turn in their quests.

SharedMedia Sounds

Objective Announcer can play sounds on various questing events. If you have other people in your party using Objective Announcer, you can choose to hear a sound when they send an announcement. SharedMedia support allows using sounds from other addons and using your own custom sounds. Consult SharedMedia for instructions.

Chat Slash Commands

Type /oa or /obja in chat to open the interface options menu. Many configuration options can be edited though slash commands, allowing the use of macros to easily change settings. Type /oa help or /obja help for a list of commands:

Command Option
/oa quest Quests Only
/oa obj Objectives Only
/oa both Both Quests & Objectives
/oa prog Objectives Progress
/oa progq Progress and Completed Quests
/oa self Toggle Self Messages
/oa pub <channel> Toggle Public Channels (Instead of <channel>, type "say," "party," "instance," "raid," "guild," "officer" or "channel")
/oa oor Toggle Out-of-range Alerts
/oa accept Toggle "Accept A Quest"
/oa turnin Toggle "Turn In A Quest"
/oa reward Toggle "Announce Rewards"
/oa escort Toggle "Auto-Accept Escort/Event Quests"
/oa fail Toggle "Quest Failure"
/oa soundcomp Toggle Completion Sounds
/oa soundaf Toggle Accept/Fail Sounds
/oa soundcomm Toggle Communication Sounds

Addon Authors

Objective Announcer was created in 2009 by Bantou. Eincrou has been helping with additional development since 2013. We are happy to hear from you about bugs, feature requests or general feedback.


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