Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013 Game Version: 5.2.0


Nov 1, 2008

Owner: Tekkub

NutCounter is a basic AH stat addon inspired by Auctioneer's BeanCounter. It strives for low resource use while keeping a few basic stats about your auctions:
  • Sellthrough (percent of total auctions posted which were successful)
  • Last sell price
  • Min and max sell price
Note that due to the way the mailbox returns invoices, items are tracked by name not itemID. NutCounter also implements the global API @GetAuctionBuyout(item)@. This will prefer values provided by other addons that implement @GetAuctionBuyout@ first, if none are given it will return your last price from the item. h2. Links Visit "my site": for more great addons
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