NPC cache Permanently Delete and Remove(Stable)

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Not "inactive"!. Simply may not need to use.

If you are successful, do not re-download. Wow, if you reinstall or restore the default settings to use this .

Divided according to language:
Automatic execution / semi-manually

Language version by running,
but the file (language) does not exist or not the default path(Custom Path).Please open (Custom Path AND Other Languages​​) folder.

  • This is set to modify the file type and write permissions.
  • Run the patch may need administrator privileges to modify the file!
    • Part of the special circumstances:
    • Need (anti-virus software / Internet security software / firewall software) to allow (cmd.exe) to execute instructions code files!
      • Note: The limit is determined by the individual (Antivirus / Internet security software / firewall software), the instruction code security does not matter!
  • That closed the game absolutely no NPC record(cache)

You can use DIY_path.TXT file to run custom. Copy World of Warcraft installation folder path to :
(World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\)

Example path (copy World of Warcraft installation folder):
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\

World of Warcraft installation folder shortcut in the game can be found at: Right shortcut icon in the Shortcut page, FIND TARGET:
"\World of Warcraft\"
After entering "\Cache\WDB\ (language)"

Copy and replace all DIY_path.TXT default path to the installation path of your game
Default path:
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\

Finally just press save DIY_path.TXT, run after DIY_RUN.CMD, automatic execution

The author is sheahoi 有角也幻@Frostmane(TW) 有角也幻@冰霜之刺(TW)




但沒有或不是預設路徑開啟(Custom Path AND Other Languages​​)資料夾

  • 此設定為修改檔案類型及寫入權限!
  • 運行補丁可能需要系統管理員的修改檔案權限!
    • 部份特別情況:
    • 需要(防毒軟件/互聯網安全防護軟件/防火牆軟件)允許(cmd.exe)執行指令代碼文件!
      • 注:限制由個別(防毒軟件/互聯網安全防護軟件/防火牆軟件)決定,與指令代碼安全性無關!
  • 保証關閉遊戲後絕對沒有任何NPC記錄!

你可以用DIY_ path.TXT自定運行檔案 複製魔獸世界安裝資料夾路徑:(World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\)

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\

魔獸世界安裝資料夾可以用遊戲捷徑在找到: 右鍵捷徑圖示在捷徑 頁,尋找目標:
"\World of Warcraft\"

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\


The author is sheahoi 有角也幻@ 冰霜之刺(TW)


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