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Hate how the game automatically closes windows whenever you open another one?

This is now an issue of the past!


screenshot of many windows being open at once


This addon disables most of Blizzard's "UI panel" system, which is responsible for closing windows when you open a different one.


Life is not all sweet however, and disabling this behaviour has the side effect of windows no longer being put in their default position. This is easily solved by installing BlizzMove, which can allow you to remember frame positions, and drag frames around to your heart's content 🙂.


There are a few frames which have significant issues when you disable Blizzard's default behaviour on them, which is why this addon sadly has to ignore those. Blame Blizzard :)
Examples are the spellbook and communities frames, which would cause issues with managing guild ranks etc


This addon is made specifically to improve the user experience when using BlizzMove. I don't think anyone would like to use this addon without having something like BlizzMove installed.



Bonus feature: This addon will bypass the "Interface action failed because of an AddOn" error whenever it's possible.



Disclaimer: I use this addon personally, and there are rare bugs when you nuke Blizzard's UI Panel manager. I've learned to live with it, as most of the issues are hard or impossible to fix. I don't usually experience any real big issues, but your mileage may vary ;)