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Uploaded Jul 23, 2018
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09.06 23.07.2018

  • Tooltip for couple of item can be broken when WoW client is freshly started and 1st toon does login. After switch to another toon tooltips are OK. Seems like bug in Blizzard's code because tooltips are striped off last line!.
  • Retry mechanic in pattern loading is now extended to tooltip scans and fixed tooltip reading as well.
  • Removed extra diagnostic prints, reson for problem is known now.

09.04 22.07.2018

  • Bug Fix pattern matching and erros in match table.

09.02 20.07.2018

  • Fix garrison mapID, missing 4th mapID for tier1.
  • Removed all code for build 7.3.x.
  • Check mapID not only on zone change, sometime event for zone chnges is not fired up!
  • More events could trigger up item rescan in bags including mail, bank, guild bank and trade. Item rescan now is staggered into 1 seconds delay to make just one call if too many events are triggered at once.
  • Artifact realted code removed as it is obsolete now

09.00 18.07.2018

  • TOC updated to match Live.
  • New milenia new mayor version.
  • Remaped mapIDs to new build. Trash white items still are in tables and need more cleanup.