Necrosis Classic

350,203 Downloads Last Updated: May 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.4

This addon is to help your warlock manage soul shards, soul stones, health stones, fire stones, and spell stones.

It provides an easy menu to summon demons / pets; give buffs; summon players; and apply curses.



* Soul shard management and count

* Buff menu

* Curse menu

* Demon menu

* Create and use soul stones, health stones, fire stones, and spell stones

* DoT (Damage over Time) timers

* Buff timers (optional)

* Icon shown when unit is unfearable / Banish icon / Trance icon / Backlash icon



Latest changes 7.2
* Fix for soulstone button not working

* Curse of Shadows and Siphon Life on the curse menu

* Buff timers optional (use Timers > Page 2)

* Banish added as a spell on main sphere

* Fix so Fel Dominion (if known) is used on right click of pet summon

* Fix for reagents on Inferno and Ritual of Doom tool tips

* Summoning speech (and target) should work properly

* Buttons are a bit larger (for higher resolution monitors)



* Clean up issues - not getting email of new / updated issues...


If upgrading from a version older than 7.x please delete any older version of this addon before installing : _classic_\Interface\AddOns\Necrosis


People experiencing issues with configuration settings or icon placement try:
Delete the necrosis files in _classic_\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNTNAME>\<SERVERNAME>\<CHARNAME>\SavedVariables\Necrosis.lua and Necrosis.lua.bak



  • This Necrosis version is based on the original code-base reworked for 1.13.
  • (c) 2005 – 2007 Lomig, Liadora et Nyx (Kael’Thas et Elune – EU/French)
  • (c) 2008 – 2010 Lomig & ArPharazon (Nagrand – US/Oceanic)
  • (c) 2019 – 2019 Classic update by Doppie
  • (c) 2019 –  Classic update (rewritten) by urnati
  • Licensed under the GPL v2


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