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I apologize for my English!!!

News :
- only repair one small bug

Image :

 - First: diminish, power, threat and cast bar with your kick ability CD, Second: rename, recolor + description text, Third: GCD spell frame



General :
- for setup use small bar on left screen side, or use /np
- diminish bar, healer detection, translate russians names, distance, change length name, players honor levels
- name, health bar, power bar, personal (self) bar, threat, mouseover, target and focus setup

M+ Setup and M+ Database :
- setup for NPC : color, scale, name, sound, value, small kickbar who from party have kick CD, decription
- easy setup for each cast
- each extension for M+ have enable/disable setup
- raid marking function for easy raidmarks 
- push key to challenging window slot, if you are owner
- and more more others, see the picture for more details in Images tab

Resource bar :
- combo points, runes, chi, shards, maelstorm weapon,  .....
- kick CD all party members
- health bars party members

Cast bar :
- 4 different types, with separatly setup for each
- target cast warning with setup (icon on me, chat spam, play sound, change castbar border), setup for each cast in M+ Database
- focus target cast warning
- show kicker name, or spam to chat who kick cast
- disable me target cast bar
- and more others

Auras :
- addon create database all your auras where you used on target
- switch aura ICONs to status bar, with setup color for each aura for "DOTs class"
- setup color for border for CC (stuns, ...., taunt) auras
- stack Bolster


Quest detection :
- quest detection is disabled in M+
- diferent icons by quest type
- change name color for units with quest
- 0/10 quest type is prefered before 93% to show


Thanks :
- icons8.com for free icons
- Ishayu for code how translate cyrillic names of russian players to the latin
- Kaelten and others authors for ACE3
- dooez and Stanzilla for LibCustomGlow
- Mitchnull for LibRangeCheck
- MunkDev - from Immersion addon i learn how to create config
- starshipx - from CommentatorTargetFrame addon i learn how to create Spell GCD frame
- www.twitch.tv/snse - Blockable and Reflectable spreadsheet


My other addons :
Events tracker