Last Updated: Dec 5, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Apr 24, 2013

Owner: nograrder0

This is a highly customizable nameplate addon, it can :
0.Change default nameplate
1.Using customizable style to show (include but not limited to):
->health text
->mana/range/energy etc.
->buff and debuff
->cooldown timer
->crowdcontrol timer
->crowdcontrol diminishing return
->spell lock timer
->quest mark
->moving speed
->combo points
->various customizable texture (border, background etc.)
2.Based on unit type and special condition to change:
->nameplate's offset, scale, alpha, and framelevel (display order)
->style the nameplate is using
3.Show an arrow points from a unit's nameplate to it's target's nameplate
4.Show floating combat text on nameplates (include but not limited to):
->aura gain/lose
->casting interruption
5.Fake nameplate to show unit which doesn't have a nameplate (i.e. outside of screen)


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