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Custom Mythic+ timer appearance  


  • Restyles Mythic+ timer
  • Shows time since start counting upwards and time left
  • Shows +2/+3 timer
  • Shows enemies percentage with 2 decimals
  • Shows absolute numbers for enemy forces progress (optional, disabled by default)
  • Shows the enemy forces of the current pull (optional, disabled by default)
  • Option to show the enemey forces as bar
  • Shows the completion time and your best time per objective (optional, enabled by default; The best time is either per level+affixes (default) or level or dungeon)
  • Death Counter - time lost caused by player deaths (optional, disabled by default)
  • Death Counter tooltip that shows who died and how often 
  • Object/Dungeon completion time is shown in chat (optional, enabled by default)
  • Shift + Click on the timer sends a time left information message to the party chat
  • Shows the enemy forces progress in the enemy tooltip
  • Automatically inserts the keystone (optional, enabled by default)
  • Shows progress needed until next reaping (optional, enabled by default)
  • Shows affixes as text or as icons (default is text)
  • Timer is still visible after the dungeon is completed
  • Demo data is shown for unlocked timer (if not currently in a mythic+)
  • Available informations are shown at the start timer
  • Hides the default objective tracker (optional, enabled by default)
  • Options to change the color of the texts


  • /mpt toggle - Lock/Unlock timer frame
  • /mpt config - Opens the config page