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Filename MyRareFinder11.zip
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Uploaded Nov 3, 2014
Game Version 6.0.3
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- Localization support (contains english and german version now, thanks to Nymly, Katzi and Letoras :) )

- TomTom Waypoint Support: Clicking a rare on the map will set a TomTom waypoint, clicking the same rare again, will remove it (or using TomToms remove option), of course only works if TomTom is installed and active.


- tooltips now work on both versions of the world map, because of this, the size of the tooltips has changed a bit

- if a type of rare is hidden by selecting it in the drop down menu, it no longer still blocks information on objects lying behind it.

ex: a rare icon is very close to an object (flightpath, quest, region), the icon will block any information of that objekt, like the name, if the mouse is above the rare. Hiding the rare did not help, as it was just invisible but still there, now hiding no longer blocks!