Blizzard Raid Frames - Bigger Buffs

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 Bigger Buffs

(updated for 8.0)

Script that tweaks raid frames to change buffs appearance and behavior. Why would you stick to default frames? Ease of configuration and predictability are some of the pros. You don't need to add a list of "debuffs to watch" on every raid tier.

Type /bigger ingame for options.

  • Can increase buffs' size
  • Can show more buffs


/bigger scale 15 - Changes the scale factor. 11 is Blizzard default. 15 is addon default.

/bigger maxbuffs 5 - Changes the maximum number of buffs. 3 is Blizzard and addon default.

/bigger rowsize 4 - Changes the number of buffs per row (3 is minimum and default)

Edit "CooldownsData.lua" if you'd like any additional buffs (from yourself) to show, like azerite traits. You can also hide undesired spammy buffs.

Known issues

  • Due to limitations, if someone joins the raid while in combat, your raid frames will
    be broken. In order to alleviate that, install the AMAZING Blizzard Raid Antidote

  • If a frame is not updated, you can try switching between two raid profiles (out of combat).

Update notes

v20: Allow certain buffs to be banned

v19: buffs are now correcly updated when new players join the group

v18: Split buffs in multiple rows. `/bigger rowsize`. Thanks @fayap

v17: Def CDs removed due to bad performance. Suggest: use cooldowns on Raidframe by Nnogga weakaura

v16: Some fixes on personal buffs

v15: Defensive Buffs are back

v14: Basic BFA support


See also


Flat texture pack for Blizz RaidFrames. Put those files in <wow>/Interface/raidframes (where did I find this? I dont know)



I'm not really the addon guy. If you are the addon guy and wants to submit lewt contributions here ya go githubrepo for pull requests: , I'll stamp you huge thanks here.

Here are some interesting possible points of contribution:

  • Adding a configuration UI which we could set up custom filters


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