Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Aug 21, 2009

Owner: luijk

Mutilate is an action recommendation mod for rogues of any spec. It takes the current state of the game (buffs on you, debuffs on your target, combo points, energy, etc), and recommends an action, and an estimate of the following one. This mod is current target only and doesn't consider other potential targets. Rotation logic is based on recommendations from as of 8.0.1.

The addon displays a panel of icons. The large central icon is the recommended action, which is also spoken when it is due. Voice prompts can be disabled in the options.

Around the central recommendation:

  • Vendetta shows when it is off cooldown.
  • Kick shows (and speaks) when it is off cooldown and your target is casting an interruptible spell. The name of the spell being cast is shown under the icon.
  • Vanish and Tricks of the Trade each show when you are in a group and they are off cooldown.
  • Cloak of Shadows shows when it could dispel a debuff, and below it the debuff it might dispel (not perfect, can show spurious things).

On the right of the central recommendation is a prediction of the next action.


Please feel free to log Issues as well as Feature Requests Here:

* GitHub doesn't have a good place for Feature Requests beyond [Issues]... go figure.



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