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Automatically generate macros that use the best food available.

Inspired by Buffet and Mounted, MuchMoreMunch provides placeholder tags for the best food, drink and potions for use with the Blizzard macro language.

Valid placeholders are:
<hpp> - health potion
<hps> - healthstone
<mpp> - mana potion
<mps> - mana gem
<hpf> - health food
<mpf> - mana food
<b> - bandage

Multiple placeholders can be combined for use in a castsequence, e.g.
/castsequence [combat] reset=combat <hps,hpp>

The addon provides a number of preset macros that can be modified for your characters' unique needs. For best results we recommend that you keep the same macro names between all your characters and just update the contents of the macro.


For the inquisitive: MuchMoreMunch will try to choose the best item by finding those which restore the greatest amount. It prefers conjured food over non-conjured food but if no conjured food is available, it uses the food with the smallest number available. It also prefers non-combo food over combo food (that which restores HP & MP), unless it's conjured.


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