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MoveIt is an ACE3 addon for positioning and controlling the size of other elements of the WoW interface (frames) along the lines of MoveAnything but a bit more compact.  It allows for far more control than the new Blizzard edit mode.  This addon is designed for use by players with some basic knowledge of the frame system and how the WoW interface works.



Open the MoveIt interface with the slash command /mit


To modify a frame you must first know it's exact case-sensitive name e.g. "ChatFrame1" or "MinimapCluster".  You can find these using the FrameStack toggle button and browsing through the GUI structure tooltips. 

Type in the frame name and click the 'Add Frame' button, it will then appear in the list and can be modified at will.  To reset a frame back to defaults, remove it from the list (A /reload command may be necessary).



MoveIt currently supports repositioning, reanchoring, scaling, resizing and forced hiding of frames.



The inspiration for MoveIt came from the ancient but brilliant mods by Lozareth: 'DIscord Art' and 'Discord Frame Modifier'.


New in version 2


User Profile Support:

MoveIt now supports mutiple user profiles. You can copy, delete and create new profiles and select different profiles for different characters.  Note: the default profile cannot be deleted.


New Frame Settings:

  • Alpha - change a frame's transparency.
  • Parent - set frame's parent frame.
  • Strata - adjust z-order from background to foreground.
  • Delay - set a delay before applying settings when a frame is shown.


Settings are now divided into Basic and Advanced tabs.  Use caution with advanced settings as changing these are more likely to cause problems or break the default UI.


Please note not all frames in game can be modified or will behave strangely if you try to change them, having custom handlers for every single frame in the game is beyond the scope of this addon.  Experiment with the settings, sometimes frames can be coerced to obey!  Please use the new Issues tab on this page to report problems with MoveIt