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After looking in vain for an existing mount management solution that fit my needs, I decided to create my own instead. That became MountManager.


Mount Summoning

MountManager creates a character specific macro to summon a random mount based on your current location and any options selected. Simply add the created macro to an action bar to use.

  • Left-click : Summons the currently selected mount.
    • Depending on the options selected, if you are currently mounted, this may dismount you and immediately summon the next available mount.
  • Right-click : Chooses the next available mount based on the area and current settings
    • Holding a modifier key will force the next mount to be a ground mount


Filtering is accomplished through the existing Blizzard mount journal window. While MountManager is active, checkboxes will appear for each mount in the journal. These control whether or not the selected mount will appear during mount selection. Please take note that since all mounts are not account wide, these settings are maintained on a per-character basis.


MountManager makes use of the following settings in order to customize the experience:

  • Show in Chat : When set, the name of the next selected mount will be printed the chat window.
  • Always Different : When set, MountManager will try to select a different mount than the previous one.
  • Safe Flying : This toggles the ability to dismount when flying on left-click
  • One Click : When set, the MountManager macro will attempt to dismount you and summon the next available mount, otherwise two clicks will be needed.
  • Automatic Next Mount : When set, automatically determine the next available random mount after summoning the currently selected one. If this is not enabled, a right-click will be needed to cycle between mounts.

Slash Commands

Currently there are only 2 commands recognized for MountManager:

  • /mm : This loads the configuration window.
  • /mm rescan : This clears any saved mount settings for the current player and forces an immediate rescan of all available mounts.


Although it is currently only in English, I welcome any translations people are willing to offer:


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