Mount Mini-Me

3,471 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 16, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

Mount Mini-Me is a simple addon which allows a pet to be paired with a mount or minion (Hunters & Warlocks).  Once paired up, whenever you summon that mount or minion, the paired pet will also be summoned.



  • Will work with any random mount summoning addon, only summons a pet after you have mounted
  • Pairing, unpairing, and summoning of pets via minimap button or slash commands
  • Critter indicator added to mount UI showing if the mount has a paired pet
  • Mount UI tooltip displays the name of the paired pet
  • Option to dismiss pet when going in to stealth. Your last summoned pet will be re-summoned when you leave stealth
  • Option to summon a specified pet or dismiss pets when dismounting. The dismounted pet can be set by dismounting and using the minimap button or slash commands as normal. There is also an option to store a dismount pet per-character so it is easy to share mini-me pets across all your characters.  For each character, you can also choose to save a dismount pet per-talent specialisation
  • Hunter pet mode allows you to associate a companion with your hunter pet as well as your mounts.  This will also work for other pet classes like Warlocks.
  • Shapeshift mode allows you to associate a companion with  a form chosen from the stance bar (e.g. Druid forms, Priest shadowform, etc)


How to use Mount Mini-Me

  • To list options in chat
    • /mmm or /mountminime
  • To add a mount-pet pair
    • /mmm add, /mmm set
    • left-click minimap button
  • To remove a mount-pet pair
    • /mmm remove, /mmm clear, /mmm del, /mmm delete
    • shift + left-click minimap button
  • To summon the paired pet for the current mount
    • /mmm pet
    • alt + left-click minimap button
  • To pause and resume automatic pet summoning
    • /mmm pause
    • /mmm resume



Thankyou to Tuller creator of Dominos for the clean and well written code on which this addon is based



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