53 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

This is a chat scanner that gives you a notification when the words you add to the watch list are mentioned.
You can add exact words, complete sentences or multiple separate words to find.

How I use it:
Since there's usually a lot of spam in trade/LFG/world channels, I have them shown in a different tab (not the main one), and when I want to look for something (the main chat tab is already clear) I get a notification with the found words - channel found in - clickable player name - the message itself.


/CS add [String]
Adds a string to whitelist (underscore for spaces - | for must find all words)
examples: "/cs add dps|scholo" "/cs add "LFM_Molten_Core"
/CS del [key number]
Removes string by number in the list
/CS clear
Clears the list
/CS list
Prints the watchlist
/CS enable
Enables scanning
/CS disable
Disables scanning
/CS help
Prints help





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