A DPS maximiser module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn.

Works great in Legion Patch 7.1!


You will need the latest We Don't Wipe.

Priority Queue ( aka Rotation)

Rotation Notes

Chi and Energy management is automated. No need to chug/pause. No ability will be used consecutively. Free Blackout Kicks do not influence the rotation. They are just nice to have. Serenity, Touch of Death etc used on CD. If an ability appears in the rotation and it does not appear in the list above then it is deemed a "filler". Allowance made for the Ascension talent. In this first implementation for Legion, Power Strikes has NOT been coded (yet).

Tiger Palm used if near maximum Energy. Used strategically to ensure there is always enough Chi. Its exact placement in a rotation list (above) is impossible to say. TP is not so bad that we would ever avoid using it. But it is not so good that we'd delay using abilities in our rotation. We use it as a good means to achieve an end. The rotation is first built without TP. Then TPs are inserted as necessary.

Whirling Dragon Punch is about as good as Fists of Fury and much better than Rising Sun Kick. But, WDP can only be used while FoF and RSK are on cool down. Again, the exact placement in a simple list is difficult to say.

Finally, the Hula Girl Doll will appear. This means it is UP TO YOU. Typically, an ability could have been suggested but you might be better to drink a potion, move, use a multi-target ability and so on.

Things will suddenly appear and disappear based upon Chi globes you may have stepped over, and other RNG things. Where possible, abilities coming off cooldown will slide along the queue.

Modifiable Parameters

From the chat line, the following modifiable parameters can be adjusted by you. The values are saved between sessions.

/wdw setr death=y

Whether to include Touch of Death. "y" is the default.

/wdw setr karma=y

Whether to include Touch of Karma. "y" is the default.

/wdw setr sef=n

Whether to include Storm, Earth and Fire. "n" is the default. New Patch 7.1!

/wdw setr ser=n

Whether to include Serenity. "n" is the default. New Patch 7.1!

/wdw setr xuen=n

Whether to include Invoke Xuen. "n" is the default.

/wdw setr sefratio=n

The target's health must be at least this ratio of your full health or else Storm, Earth and Fire will not fire. E.g. 0.8 means 0.8 or 80% of your maximum health. "1" is the default.

/wdw setr deathratio=n

The target's health must be at least this ratio of your full health or else Touch of Death will not fire. E.g. 0.75 means 0.75 or 75% of your maximum health. "1" is the default.

As you progress in Legion you will want to increase this a fair amount to avoid being nagged to use ToD on dungeon trash and quest mobs.

/wdw setr uptoyou=nnnnn

The spell or item ID of the queue filler icon. Use negative for an item. IDs can be found at Wowhead.com. Default is -34249, the Hula Girl Doll sold by Griftah!

/wdw setr {parameter}=?

List the current value and a description of the parameter. New Patch 7.1!

/wdw listp

List the parameters for this module.

Cookies, Beer & Donations

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