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I PvP a lot on my Shadow Priest. I'm admittedly terrible. That doesn't mean I don't recognize absurd mouth breathing troglodytes when I see them in random BG's. Mongo Monitor spruces up randoms quite a bit with the following features:

  • Replaces target portraits with RL pictures of players
  • Tracks killing blows (players and spells used)
  • Personalized scoreboard shows damage and killing blow rank
  • Generates post game analysis after a match
  • Adds scores to player nameplates (kills, death and ranks)
  • Receive a radio dispatch from wehrmacht high command after a killing blow
  • Tracks recent battle ground stats
  • This addon works in BGs only


Be advised: Blizzard considers the accumulated damage from Ray of Hope (Priest Spell) as a killing blow by the Priest who cast it, I do not.



Shows a list of options

/mm stats

Displays BG stats

/mm kills

Shows killing blow history (victims and spells used)

/mm config

Opens options pane so you can disable obnoxious functionality

/mm clear

Purges match data, this should be used when you go on those 0 - 10 losing streaks


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