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mOnArs WardrobeHelper

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This is a simple addon that lists your missing appearances categorized by instances they come from.


  • Shows missing transmogs from your collection by Instance
  • Shows list of instances categorized by Expansion
  • Separates Dungeons and Raids
  • Marks instances you are currently saved to
  • Shows current progress for every instance
  • More to come :)


  • "/mwd" or use button in Collection appearances tab to open addon interface
  • Click Refresh Items - this might take a few seconds and never happens automatically (you need to refresh if you want to filter items you just looted)
  • Click on Instance you'd like to see list of items from

Supported Languages

  • English
  • French (beta) thanks to Cofibib and BLT_Malcorne
  • German (beta) thanks to Huschiro and Tumbleweed_DSA
  • Russian (beta) thanks to tomikus
  • Portuguese (beta) thanks to Ba_dashi
  • Spanish (beta) thanks to Grugan18
  • Simplified Chinese (beta) thanks to tgrtheone, coodrag and xiewulong
  • Traditional Chinese (beta) thanks to gaspy10
  • Other languages work with limited features

Bug reports and Suggestions

  • Feel free to write any suggestion for improvements here
  • You can report any bugs here (Preferably with LUA error log or at least description of what you were doing)
  • If you have any other problem feel free to ask in the comments below


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