275 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 5, 2019 Game Version: 8.0.1

Shows you in an unobtrusive method your fps, network lag, and estimated kills/quests until you level, if you are leveling.  

The following commands are valid:

  • /mistats

    • prints out some helpful information
  • /mistats fps

  • /mistats lag
  • /mistats ktl
  • /mistats qtl
  • /mistats dtl
    • the above toggle the display of those values
  • /mistats shadow
    • toggles the text shadow
  • /mistats oneline
    • toggles displaying text in paragraph format or just one line
  • /mistats color *colorname/classname*
    • changes the color of the text
  • /mistats reset
    • resets all settings to the default
  • /mistats update
    • forces a stat update
  • /mistats reset allcache
    • resets the cache, effectively resetting the averages and counts
  • /mistats debug
    • toggles debug mode
  • /mistats debug cache quests/kills/dungeons/*nothing*
    • prints a report to the chat window

If you appreciate and use this add-on, donations are helpful to maintain updates and add new features.


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