Missing TradeSkills List (Classic + TBC)

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Addon for World Of Warcraft Classic v1.13 + TBC v2.5 Shows the missing recipes/skills for a tradeskill and where to get them
Addon only works all languages now! (MTSL Options menu still only shown in English only)

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** This project is first updated on https://www.thumbkin.be/mtsl **


Thumbkin (Retail: EU-Burning Steppes, Classic: EU-Pyrewood Village)

Key Features

  • Data patch phase is automatic set based on server version
  • List of all available skills & recipes with correct data: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Engineering, First Aid, Fishing, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting (TBC only), Mining, Poisons, Skinning
  • View missing skills for a profession (open tradeskill frame and use MTSL button, except Fishing, Herbalism & Skinning)
  • Explorer frames to browse the addon data
          - View all missing skills for the current logged in character per learned profession (/mtsl or /mtsl char)
          - View skills learned on your alts (/mtsl acc)
          - All ingame skills (/mtsl db)
          - All ingame NPCs to see what they offer (/mtsl npc)
  • Options menu to configure addon settings (/mtsl config or /mtsl options)
  • Minimap button to quickly access the explorer frames or options menu
  • Integration with other addons (separate addon installation needed)
          - TomTom: set waypoints to NPCs by clicking on their names
          - Skillet-Classic
  • Enhanced the tooltip to show status of alts on same realm (or faction) for a recipe
  • Link items to a channel (Say, Party, Raid or Guild) or add item to current chat message
  • Ability to drag each MTSL frame around

Latest version

Classic (v1.13.54)

  • Fixed data
          - Updated skill, item & specialisation translations for all languages except for Korean, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese to match live data
          - Updated wrong prices from vendor to match live data

TBC (v2.5.08)

  • Optimised the way the addon scans for missing skills
  • Optimised code for scanning skills when swapping TradeSkillFrame & CraftFrame and rehooking MTSL button
  • Added all upcoming patches as filter possibility to the regular MTSL window as well
  • Fixed data:
          - All professions should now have their correct localised name
          - Cooking recipe "Ravager dogs" is now also sold by Alliance vendor
          - All skills should now have the correct phase (if you find any mistake, create an isssue)
  • Added data:
          - Added item_id for each skill that represents the id of the item that is created when executing the spell

View full version history by reading VERSION_HISTORY.md inside zip addon

** This project is first updated on https://www.thumbkin.be/mtsl **


Found a bug? Want to report wrong data? Make an issue here
* Classic: https://github.com/Thumbkin/MissingTradeSkillsList_Classic/issues
* TBC: https://github.com/Thumbkin/MissingTradeSkillsList_TBC/issues

Make sure you have the latest version of the addon installed and checked current opened issues before reporting a new issue!

Please donate (paypal to thumbkin83@gmail.com) if you want to support this addon!


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