{No Longer Needed} Minimap Tracker Options


This addon is no longer needed


The addon was created to allow people to utilize features that were hidden in the World of Warcraft client but available in the API. Nowadays these features have been returned to the client and this addon is not needed anymore. As such, the addon won't be updated, unless the World of Warcraft developers decide to strip those features again in the future.







You can avoid using the addon and get essentially the same result by just using:


/console minimapTrackingShowAll 1



With the release of the Dragonflight pre-patch Blizzard did an overhaul on the UI. The minimap tracking was "optimized" and multiple filters were removed, leaving them all enabled.


If you don't like all those "enabled by default" tracking options and you want a way to toggle them - this is the addon you can use.


I believe Blizzard will return the former minimap tracking options. Until then, you can use this addon.


After installing the addon you can toggle the trackable options by typing:





... or simply go to Options -> Addons -> Minimap Tracker


On that page you will find every possible minimap tracking option available for your character.


I hope this little addon serves you well.


Safe travels!



Bear in mind that if you click on the "None" option in the drop down menu, this will mess with the tracking API and the addon. You will have to /reload and then select the tracking you want through the Addon Menu