Note: will be updated for Cataclysm Classic too.

View all your artifacts progress, and solve them in one compact frame. Also you can view all your artifact history neatly sorted by race, and a list of dig sites. You can left-click the keystone button to attach keystones (or right-click to remove), or if you prefer there are options to automatically use keystones! You can monitor the artifacts progress, or how close you are to the fragment cap.

Recent new features:

  • Companion frame (more details below)
  • Double Right Click surveying
  • Collector achievement progress indicators in the History window

10.2.0 - 10.2.2

  • Updated for 10.2.0
  • Fixed an issue with dbl right click surveying
  • 10.2.1 Addon compartment support
  • 10.2.2 Use GLOBAL_MOUSE_DOWN instead of HookScript for double click surveying
  • 10.2.2 Add optional keystone button to the Companion's solve button
  • 10.2.2 Add separate "Hide In Combat" option to the Companion
  • 10.2.3 Fix Companion lua error and main window display issue with bars
  • 10.2.3 Fix Companion not showing solvable relevant artifacts


  • Updated for 10.1.5

  • Fix databroker error
  • Fixed an issue caused by right click during combat

What's next:

  • History window improvements such as achievement progress, better indicator for pristine artifacts

Latest Changes


  • Companion: added optional button to summon random favorite mount (disabled by default)


  • Bump TOC
  • Companion: customize distance indicator shape
  • Fix GetContainer... lua errors


  • Updated for Dragonflight
  • Fixed some lua errors
  • Companion: reset distance indicator when casting Survey
  • Fix keybinding options

Known issues:

  • Shortcut buttons on the main options page are not working

For past changes, visit the Changelog page.


The Companion is a tiny little customizable frame that currently includes the following features:

  • Distance tracker when surveying
  • Auto-waypoint button
  • Survey spell button
  • Solve button for solvable artifacts
  • Crate button
  • Each button can be disabled manually and their order is fully customizable

The companion itself can also be fully disabled.

Upcoming features

The following features are planned for Minimal Archaeology in no particular order and without ETA:

  • Detailed, customizable DataBroker tooltip
  • Dig site icons on flight maps
  • Achievement progress
  • Option to ignore dig sites you hate


/minarch shows available commands

Useful Macros

Use this in combination with the auto-hide feature

/cast Survey /minarch show


Any Bug reports/Comments/Suggestions/etc are appreciated.

For feedback, please use the project's issue tracker on CurseForge.

Please open a new issue if you are experiencing bugs, and include as much detail as possible. Make sure you didn't miss the known issues section, and check open issues before you create a new one.