Minimal Archaeology

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Dec 13, 2010

Owner: jdrexler75


View all your artifacts progress, and solve them in one compact frame. Also you can view all your artifact history neatly sorted by race, and a list of digsites. You can left-click the keystone button to attach keystones (or right-click to remove), or if you prefer there are options to automatically use keystones! You can monitor the artifacts progress, or how close you are to the 200 fragment cap.


shows available commands

Useful Macros

Use this in combination with the auto-hide feature

/cast Survey
/minarch show



(2017-03-29) v7.2.0.2

  • History window should now open without an error.

(2017-03-29) v7.2.0.1

  • Fixed packaging error that installed the wrong version of libraries that caused lua errors.

(2017-03-29) v7.2.0

  • TOC Updated for 7.2


(2016-11-09) v7.1.0.1

Added Val'sharah digsites and fixed date in .toc.

(2016-10-26) v7.1.0

Fixed an error with digging up artifacts, also bumped .toc.

(2016-10-13) v7.0.3.9

Added Suramar digsites.

(2016-09-28) v7.0.3.8

Added Highmountain digsites.

(2016-09-23) v7.0.3.7

Auto-hide after digsites should be working in most cases. See known issues for more information.

(2016-09-18) v7.0.3.6

  • Options are now correctly displayed.
  • Added Highborne and removed Fossil from the auto keystone options.
  • Digsite race data corrected.

(2016-09-16) v7.0.3.5

Fixed digsite race data for old content, also added Stormheim and Azsuna digsites.

(2016-09-15) v7.0.3.4

Digsite icons are now hidden if digsites are not tracked on the world map.

(2016-09-12) v7.0.3.3

Reduced the frequency of the error message about missing digsite continent info.

(2016-09-11) v7.0.3.2

Fixed an issue with loading screen getting stuck.

(2016-09-10) v7.0.3.1

Fixed a problem when library files were duplicated, also reverted Libbabble-digsites to an earlier version to prevent some issues.

(2016-09-10) v7.0.3

First Legion release.

(2016-09-08) v7.0.3 BETA

  • Added LibIconPath
  • Added Legion races and most of the related artifacts
  • Partially fixed the history window

Known Issues

  • Sometimes bars do not immediately update after completing an artifact, (open/close BlizzArch should refresh it, or wait until you collect a new fragment). This also affects auto-hiding after digsites with the Wait for solve option. Work in progress.
  • History window sometimes doesn't populate, click on one of the races to populate it.
  • Translations for some digsites are missing (it depends on another project).

Any Bugs/Comments/Suggestions/etc... are appreciated.

Please contact me (post a message, pm me, make a ticket, etc...) if you are experience bugs, please include as much detail as possible.


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