Minimal Archaeology

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Dec 13, 2010

Owner: jdrexler75


View all your artifacts progress, and solve them in one compact frame. Also you can view all your artifact history neatly sorted by race, and a list of dig sites. You can left-click the keystone button to attach keystones (or right-click to remove), or if you prefer there are options to automatically use keystones! You can monitor the artifacts progress, or how close you are to the fragment cap.

Latest Version: v8.0.12.1

Make sure to exit the game before/after updating addons.

  • Replaced relevancy toggle box with a collapse/expand button
  • Added a Crate button that glows when you have an artifact in your inventory that you can crate
  • MinArch windows now automatically hide in combat, and auto-show after combat if they were visible, or if you've tried to open them in combat
  • Fixed a lua error thrown when opening certain UI panels

For past changes, visit the Changelog page.

If you're curious about planned features, visit the Upcoming features page.


shows available commands

Useful Macros

Use this in combination with the auto-hide feature

/cast Survey
/minarch show


Any Bug reports/Comments/Suggestions/etc... are appreciated.

For feedback, please use the project's issue tracker on CurseForge.

Please open a new issue if you are experiencing bugs, and include as much detail as possible. Make sure you didn't miss the known issues section, and check open issues before you create a new one.


Known Issues

  • Main window auto-hides after solving an artifact, even if there's another solve available



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