Merinspect classic era (aka Tiny Inspect classic era)


List your character’s gear and enchant—a maintained version of TinyInspect since the HC release.

- A summary widget in your character window
- A summary widget when inspecting other players

- Show character gear level
- Show character gear list with Name and Enchant
- Show character stats
- Compare character stats when inspecting another player

- Draggable window



1.1.3 Cata Fix - error when switching gear in the character window.

1.1.2 Cata Fix "Action[SetPoint] failed because[SetPoint would result in anchor family connection]"

1.1.1 Fix the inconsistent UI position between Era and Cata.


  • remember the last position
  • command to reset to the default position by running "/mi reset" or "/merinspect reset"
  • Fix the missing template in Cataclysm.

1.0.9 Support Cataclysm and Draggable UI

1.0.8 Fix the "INVTYPE_NON_EQUIP_IGNORE" issue

1.0.7 Update UI location for SOD 

1.0.6 Compatibility test with game version 1.15.0

1.0.5 Compatibility test for WOTLK version 3.4.3 and separate add-on build to match interface number (ERA=11404 and WOTLK=30403)

1.0.4 Fix for WOTLK and tested in PTR for ICC

1.0.3 Fix for Classic Era