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Maze Helper (Mists of Tirna Scithe)


GitHub release (latest by date) 

Helper for Mists of Tirna Scithe's mini-game


  • Auto showing when you are Mists of Tirna Scithe's zone named "Mistveil Tangle" and boss "Mistcaller" is not killed
  • Using solo or with party
  • Synchronization with party
  • Predicting a solution after three or even two choices! (you can temporarily disable it by shift+click or double-click on first symbol)
  • Auto announcer with right solution (you can even configure the cases in which this will work)
  • Sequence numbers
  • Large symbol: with right solution and sound notification (movable & scalable)
  • Auto marks for Mistcaller's clones
  • Passed counter and button
  • Minimized mode: for those who don't click on the buttons but want to know the right solution
  • Practice mode: practice and you will become stronger, wiser and everyone will adore you!
  • Auto activation of Depleted Anima Seeds (just one click!)
  • Auto Pass (on successful passage through the mists)

Features outside of Mists of Tirna Scithe:

  • Auto-mark boggarts in «Tough Crowd» world quest (you just need to mouse over the mobs and the boggart will be marked with a skull)
  • Auto gossip with Silkstrider Caretakers in «Sprigan Riot» world quest


  • Left click on 4 symbols and the solution will be shown as text and marked with a green border around the correct symbol
  • Right click to remove the selection from the symbol


Additional information:

  • In the group, if someone with this addon clicked on a symbol, this symbol will be colored yellow, and the name of the character who clicked will be written in the tooltip
  • Also you can fully reset and start over.

Chat commands:

  • /mh - to manually toggle helper visibility (show / hide)
  • /mh scale [number] - to set scale for main window
  • /mh scale reset - to reset scale to 1
  • /mh scalels [number] - to set scale for the large symbol
  • /mh scalels reset - to reset scale of the large symbol to 1
  • /mh minimap - to toggle visibility of the minimap button


Suggest your ideas and wishes in the comments! Write about errors in the "Issues" section


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