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Masque - ElvUIesque Skin


Masque - ElvUIesque Skin A skin to emulate the default ElvUI theme for Masque compatible bar addons. For use with bartender, buttonforge etc to create a consistent feel when also using ElvUI. http://www.tukui.org/dl.php

Masque is required: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/masque

Known issues:

  • ElvUI can be configured to show a backdrop but simultaneously hide unused button borders. This doesn't seem possible in masque, so the 'hidden empties' theme is borderless by design.
  • Scaling textures can lead to minor graphical glitches especially when lines (such as icon borders), that are already thin by design are scaled to a size <1px or a value not a multiple of 1 (1 pixel border on a bar scaled to 150% would be 1.5px, which can result in unusual looking lines). If you know of a way to dynamically generate a border that maintains 1 pixel width no matter the size within masque, feel free to inform me.
  • Buttonforge by default uses a lot of space between icons on its grids. Correcting for this large amount of padding ruins the skin for lesser gaps. If you would like to make the gaps smaller between icons in Buttonforge, use the command: /bufo -gap 1
  • Buttonforge occasionally 'unzooms' the buttons, showing a border. As this happens with other skins, I think this may be an error in buttonforge's implementation of masque (which it still refers to as buttonfacade).