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Before we go any farther: This is a plug-in for Masque and will do nothing except take up 108 KB worth of your hard drive space without it.

This is actually three plug-ins for Masque in one folder.

They are :
Masque_Dark. Basically, a 2 pixel black skin with a highlight on the top and left side. There is also a dark "glow" (both inside and outside the button surround) around the "skin". It has a generic "WoW" backdrop for the empty buttons and a gray button for the empty slots on your action bars so you can tell at a glance that those buttons are, well, empty.

Masque_Dark-Alliance. This is a 2 pixel Alliance blue skin with a gold highlight on the top and left sides. It also has a dark "glow" (both inside and outside the button surround) around the "skin". It uses a grayscale Alliance flag for the backdrop and uses the Masque_Dark skin for the empty slots on your action bars.

Masque_Dark-Horde. Basically the same as the Alliance skin, just with Horde red and gold on the "skin" and a Horde grayscale flag for the backdrop.

I was originally going to release this as three different plug-ins, but it seems to make more sense to just roll all three into one and be done with it. OK. It made more sense to me, at least.

Hope you enjoy it.

Credits: jjsheets and StormFX for Button Facade and Masque.

If you feel this plug-in has caused a problem, please FILE A TICKET ABOUT THE PROBLEM. While I'm sure every addon author enjoys hearing that people like their work, the comments section is not the place to post problems and I WILL ignore all posts in the comments section about problems with this plug-in. Thank you.

If you like this plug-in for Masque, and use Minimap Button Frame, please have a look at its MBF companion MinimapButtonFrame_sDark.