HandyNotes: MapNotes Cataclysm Classic


REQUIRES --> HandyNotes <-- to be installed                                                                                                       current version: 2.0.3

A collection of icons and functions on various maps

For a All in One version use them >> HandyNotes: MapNotes (Retail / Classic / Cataclysm) <<

Only for Classic Era & Hardcore >> HandyNotes: MapNotes Classic Era & Hardcore <<

All versions are translated for the following languages: enUS, deDE, esMX, ptBR, itIT, zhCN, zhTW, ruRU ,koKR, frFR, esES

General Maps:

  • MapNotes 
  • Instance Entrances 
  • Assigned instances (gray icons)
  • Portals
  • Ships
  • Zeppelins 
  • Instance Exits
  • Instance Passage
  • Other transport icons

Capitals Maps:

  • MapNotes 
  • Instance  
  • Paths
  • Professions
  • Barber 
  • Bank
  • Auctioneer
  • InnKeeper
  • Transmog 
  • Item upgrade
  • Flightpoints
  • Portals
  • Ships
  • Zeppelin
  • PvP Merchant 
  • PvE Merchant 
  • Spirit Healer 
  • Flightpoints World
  • Other transport icons

The following cities were classified as capitals:

 Horde: Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, Undercity

Alliance: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar

 Neutral: Shattrath, Dalaran WotLK

General functions:

  • Show unexplored areas with or without shadow effect
  • Synchronize function (Zones and Minimap or Capitals and Capitals Minimap)
       Deactivates the respective minimap or capitals minimap tab and this is then controlled by the zones or capitals tab
  • All icons can be activated or deactivated separately and all icons can also be hidden or shown with a single click. Called  "Hide MapNotes!"
  • All icons are clickable (except on the minimap) and have their own function
  • You can use the MapNotes symbols with or without shift-clicking. Called "Shift function"
  • You can enable special MapNotes icons that combine multiple additional pieces of information such as "portals/ships/instance" into a single icon. Called “MapNotes Icons”.
  • The icons of the enemy faction can also be displayed or hidden. Called “Enemy Faction”
  • Normally, on a maximized map, you cannot use instance icons from Blizzard or other addons that would open the adventure guide.
  • But not for MapNotes u can use all functions on minimized or maximized maps!

Map function description:

  • Right-click on any icon adds a TomTom waypoint (except on the Azeroth/Worldmap/Minimap)
  • Left-click on some Instance icon on a Continent/Zone map opens the corresponding dungeon in the adventure guide (If a dungeon journal of the dungeon is available from Blizzard)
  • Left-click on Instance icon on the Azeroth or Worldmap open the area where the icon's target is
  • Left-click on Azeroth or Continent map transport icon takes you to the area where the symbols are located
  • Left-click on a Zone map transport icon will open the area where the icon's target is
  • Example Zone map:  '=> Orgrimmar' If you click on this symbol, the map of 'Orgrimmar' will open
  • Example Azeroth/continent map: 'Jade Forest Portal => Orgrimmar' Left-click on this symbol opens the map of the' Jade Forest'. So you can see where you need to go to get to the portal

Maximized Map function information:

  • Immediately after using an instance icon from MapNotes to open the Adventure Guide, if you use the "Show Map" option in the Adventure Guide to switch to the dungeon map, the map will be displayed minimized for better orientation of your character inside the instance. This minimized map function ends when you close the map or when you press the “World Map on/off” button once! ( that you have set in the World of Warcraft 'keyboard settings' under 'Interface function') after which the map is automatically maximized again


  • Left-click opens or close the MapNote setting menu
  • Right-click shows or hides all activated MapNotes icons of the current map type that is currently open (World Map/Azeroth/Continent/Zone/Dungeon)
  • Middle-Mouse-Button shows or hides ALL activated MapNotes icons on ALL maps


  • Left-click opens or close the MapNote setting menu
  • Right-click hide / show icons on the Minimap
  • Shift+Right-click  hide the minimap button
  • Middle-Mouse-Button opens or close the Worldmap

Chat commands:

  • to show MapNotes info/help in chat: /mn, /MN
  • to open MapNotes menu: /mno, /MNO
  • to close MapNotes menu: /mnc, /MNC
  • to show minimapbutton: /mnb or /MNB
  • to hide minimapbutton: /mnbh or /MNBH
  • Settings can also be found under: ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> HandyNotes -> Plugins -> MapNot

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