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REQUIRES HandyNotes to be installed.

Marks the location of all dungeons and raids from previous expansions with the newer blue and green dungeon and raid markers that are used for the Broken Isles.


For a similar but comprehensive addon with more features, I recommend using HandyNotes: MapNotes.

(A collection of various icons on various maps from previous expansions up to Dragonflight. For example displays raid and dungeon entrances, portals, ships, zeppelins, exits and passage icons)

For World of Warcraft: Classic I recommend using HandyNotes_DungeonLocations (Classic).


Please leave a comment or file a ticket if I've forgotten to include a dungeon.

  • Left-clicking will open the adventure guide to that dungeon/raid if journal integration is enabled (map must also not be full screen)
  • Right-clicking on a marker will set a waypoint if TomTom is present and enabled.
  • Dungeons/Raids with any lockout will now show as gray, this can be disabled in the options (does not apply to Legion ones on the zone map, only continent or minimap.
  • Settings can be found under Interface -> Addons -> HandyNotes -> Plugins -> DungeonLocations

I've enabled localization for the configuration settings, if you want to help translate you can do so.

Let me know in the comments or by filing a ticket if a dungeon or raid isn't showing a lockout when it should.  For certain dungeon and raids, a slightly different name is used for lockouts and I have to fix it on a case-by-case basis.  Include the instance name and the name that shows in your list of lockouts.