Mail Sanctuary

723 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 5, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.2


Mail Sanctuary is a small addon designed to solve a bug that exists in WoW at the moment. When you ignore a user and they send you mail - you will still receive a mail icon; but no mail will show at the mailbox leaving that icon to show in all its obnoxious glory!

Instead with Mail Sanctuary when you visit a mailbox and you have mail from an ignored user, the icon will be automatically removed allowing you to move on with your day!

Known issues

  • The mail icon keeps reappearing!

    Unfortunately in the WoW API there's no way to prevent this for good without making a complete overhaul to the system. As a result the mail icon will reappear whenever you zone or log back in. Visiting a mailbox will immediately clear this.


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