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Magic Targets 2

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Addon Support Statement

NEWS: I'm back in WoW. I'll try to update addons after catching up, especially if they are bugging out.

Addon Description

Magic Targets is a simple set of frames that shows the current targets of the members raid or party. It's meant primarily for use in raiding to keep track of all the mobs currently engaged in combat. Feature list:

  • Optionally marks your current target and focus target with green respectively blue arrows.
  • Lists the number of people who's currently targeting each mob.
  • Colors each bar based on target status (crowd controlled, tanked, untanked or idle).
  • Shows the icon(s) of the crowd controll methods a mob is currently affected by and optionally shows a countdown timer for the longest duration remaining crowd control method.
  • Automatically adds new mobs as members of the raid targets them.
  • Automatically removes mobs after when they die or when they haven't been actively targeted by someone, or seen in the combat log, for a small period of time. Crowd controlled mobs are always kept on the list.
  • Uses oRA2 and buff detection (defensive stance, bear form and righteous fury) to determine if a player is a tank.
  • Customizable font and font size, bar texture, color and size, and more.
  • Optionally able to listen to events from Magic Marker to prepopulate the list with mobs, including the assigned crowd controlled methods.
  • Optional tooltip shows mob level and type, health percentage, current target, status and Magic Marker assignment. It also lists all players targeting the mob.

Recent Changes:
Changes in 2.0.119:

  • MoP compatibility / raid scanning fixes.

Changes in 2.0.106:

  • Fixed 4.1 bug with growing or shrinking bars hopefully.

Changes in 2.0.104:

  • Combat log parser fix for 4.1 + toc bump

About Magic Targets 2.0

MT2 is a major refactoring of the original addon. The layout of the bars is now much more flexible. Not only can you freely decide which data to show on the bars, there are also multiple layouts to choose from. Best of all, the transition to Magic Targets 2 should be transparent. Note that the default layout of Magic Targets 2 is different. If you prefer the Magic Marker 1 layout, go into the configuration options => Bar Labels and select the classic Bar Layout. Comments are welcome!

Configuration and use:

Configuration is done using the Blizzard configuration UI. You can use the FuBar/Minimap button or the slash command /mgt config to open it. To get access to a larger number of fonts and textures you need to install the SharedMedia addons.

Note: The bars are not clickable. Due to the secure templates added in WoW 2.0, this is no longer possible. PvP specific addons get around this limitation by making macros that target players by name. Since NPC names are not unique, this is not a viable solution for Magic Targets.

AddOn developnent updates:

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